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Label: Independent

Date: May 27th, 2023

Let’s leave Europe for a while and visit another continent as well. This one was always my favorite one and this is not only about the metal scene, in my opinion the best one in the world. Those who know me at least a little already know what continent or to be more precise, corner of our planet I mean (even if especially in cultural meaning South and Central America are one continent, I guess). Anyways we’ll stay there for at least three reviews. I first visited the country which is one of two that have its northern border with Mexico. And I am talking at the moment about this larger one. Well, to be honest this is the most populous country in Central America. But what is the most interesting thing for us is the Metal scene over there is quite huge and at the same time totally unknown unfortunately!

Personally I know, and this is what makes me ashamed, only the band’s fifth full-length I listen to at the moment. Metal Requiem comes, just like the most of bands (well, nothing strange it is if there live most of Guatemalans), from the capital city named Guatemala City, was formed 2002 and except albums has many singles, compilations and so on in its discography. By the way, “Unreachable Depth” is the fifth full-length containing eight compositions of quite interesting music. You can hear some echoes of their metal masters and I think everyone would name other bands if someone would ask “what the band influenced Metal Requiem the most in your opinion?”. But since I never do it then you’ll have to do it by yourselves and this is possible only after listening to this, and the best also other, stuff. I can only tell you that there’s both American and German school on the way. I think the German one is a little bit stronger in this creativity. But bands I connote it in the most are not, I guess, ones who are, let’s call it, obvious ones. I’m actually sure you know what I mean. Of course guys add to it something of their own, something that makes you recognize what corner of the world they’re coming from. In my opinion there’s more American influence. Anyways, it happens really a lot in music and this is of course not only about guitars. I hear also clear death metal touches, even if Guatemalans’ creativity is first of all thrash one. Well, honestly I can recognize some influences of other sub-genres of metal. They’re not too huge and you have to listen carefully to notice them, but they’re still hearable. Anyways, one of the tracks is a live one. I especially don’t write which song I mean to force you, once again, to check out this album. This is as easy as pie and even some lazy ass can do it without too huge pain in arse.

The reason is contrary to the fact that most of Metal Requiem’s stuff  “Unreachable…” is out only in digital format. You can find it on several platforms as well, so it shouldn’t be any problem to get this. And in my opinion that’s a very good idea to do it. Firstly, the music you can find here is good. And secondly this is always nice to get to know ensembles coming from such countries. Well, I know the second argument is only what freaks like me can agree with. But the first one should convince you to grab this stuff. Especially the guys who released “Unreachable…” digitally, so you risk anything to check it out. And the truth is actually this stuff, and the band in general, is worth doing. So don’t wait for salvation or something and dig a little. Anyways, if you’ll have any problem with finding it write to the band. I can guys quite well, especially Skullcrusher, and I guarantee you get the help; you want.

By the way, this is quite bad news for me. I just ended up writing this review. Guess what the reason is? YEAH! Fortunately, the other stuff I’ll describe is also very cool!

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