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Label: Self released

Date: April 30th, 2021

No promo package this time, no label, no PR agency, nothing. I have actually come across this band on Ghost Wave Radio and fell in love in just under three minutes of their song “Demons”. It is hardcore, it is punk, it is catchy, extremely memorable and just the right amount of pissed-off to fit my taste perfectly. It’s also slightly on the metal side, but just enough so you cannot quite call it metal.

The one thing that I’ve found lacking in the track is more lyrics. One verse and then repeat chorus for over half the song. Though what’s there is excellent, I feel there could have been at least one more verse.

Unfortunately, the lyrics are apparently the biggest issue for this London based trio. The opener, “Self Reflection” has only one line inside. Not even a repeat of it. “Voices” is yet another one versed song, though the verse does get repeated. “It’s Complicated” seems to be the only one with full lyrics.

It’s almost funny to me, especially since “Failures Vol: 2” is (you will not believe it) the second release by My Latest Failure and it’s two years since the previous one got out. You would think they will manage to put together seven and a half minutes worth of lyrics in that timeframe. After all, for a punk band, lyrics should be at least just as important as music.

Finishing up with the lyrics, what’s there is quite good, I have to admit. Dealing with inner demons most of the time (with some troublesome love as a variation), My Latest Failure does touch a nerve. Hopefully, they are not speaking from personal experience, but I highly doubt it, considering how these vocals sound.

Musically speaking, I think I’ve said it all in the beginning. You go ahead and find your own comparisons. As for me this band could be described as a punkier (or simply English) version of Madball, Agnostic Front, Ignite, Pennywise, etc. My Latest Failure hardly reinvents the wheel, but what they perform is an honest, and good enough, take on the genre.

Just work harder on the lyrics and it will all be fine next time.


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