Friday, June 21, 2024
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Label: Century Media Records

Date: March 12th, 2021

Never mind the reputation behind, this is music for the connoisseurs. You need to be a serious fan of this type of music to fully understand and enjoy “A History of Nomadic Behavior”. Me, I am not. I am as far away from it as possible.

I mean, I can wrap my mind around it. Wrathful thoughts are being shouted constantly. Eyehategod is persistently speaking about all the wrongdoings of the world. USA shit predominantly, though it does transmit into all the other parts of this depleted planet. All the while this is happening, we get some broken down, oozing, southern sludge being poured into our collective minds.

And that’s all fine. Live and let live. Doomy sludge with a couple of post hardcore moments, all tied down into twelve tracks lasting just over forty minutes. For me personally, the album has all the elements I used to hate with Rage Against The Machine, but in a different musical spectrum. Repetitive and broken into million barely connected notes. Okay, I take it that the message behind is much more important than the actual musical background. Or at least, that is what I’m taking away from “A History of Nomadic Behavior”. Mostly because I really cannot stand this sound. It’s a torment for me listening to the album. Let alone leaving the “repeat” button on.

On the other hand, Eyehategod is certainly respected (not to say popular) enough to have this album worshipped. Sure enough, their fans reading this will likely find me ignorant. However, I’m positively convinced that this music is not for everyone. Those who enjoy it will rush to find “A History of Nomadic Behavior”. Not that it will be hard to find, considering the titan label behind it. As for me and the ones like me, we will pass it by.

A simple matter of tastes. This one is not for me.

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