Sunday, March 3, 2024
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Label: Self released

Date: June 4th, 2021

When I look into my knowledge about metal and its progress I think I know many bands, subgenres and ideas but of course something slips out of my sight. People have a lot of ideas and in metal everything is allowed, every kind of expression and melody. That’s what is making it so unique and beautiful. However, I realized, at the end, I don’t know much and sometimes I get confused by listening to something, like right now.

NONE is a very unique band with specific atmosphere of music and even more specific use of metal music. Okay, I know there are a lot of bands in this depressive / atmospheric / black metal but for me this is honestly the first time I hear something like this.

Focusing myself on music here I must say my honest impressions. Metal here is only used to show us the power of the subject in proper, angry way. I could hear one or two melodies on guitar going round but I got that it is the last thing I should be focusing on. Great idea, really. This music is idea first and then the music, so those guys used a voice full of disappointment and anger to tell us something important to understand.

As a song “Metaphor of my reign” said: “This world is bunch of nothing” and at the moment I got the point of the album. It’s one short album with a lot of truth written with bitter feeling. It’s okay sometimes to suffocate in our own existence but that is the moment when the war begins. Not just the word in our body and mind but also between dimensions and worlds around us. Everything changes as we change but we don’t realize that.

Guys really put a lot of effort to tell us everything that is bad here in this world and the biggest questions we ask ourselves. What is time? Is this world only a matter of opinion and that’s very important. Why? Because we have a lot of bands and other genres to make us happy and cheer us up. Someone had to do the dirty work and remind us about what we should think. I am really pleasantly surprised and I must say, None has one more fan.

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