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Label: Horror Pain Gore Death Productions

Date: December 16th, 2022

I have on here many, really many stuffs waiting for review and believe me, decision which one I will now write about ]wasn’t too easy, honestly it was quite hard. That’s why it took some time before I finally decided. My choice is the band who’s coming also from the States, but their place of origin isn’t Florida or even any of southern states. Instead one of these ones created USA it. Well, actually it’s impossible to imagine the process without this state, and even city of Percussor’s origin, and it’s about several fields, by the way. I mean Pennsylvania as well. Anyways, Percussor comes from the most populous city of the state and sixth of whole country – Philadelphia. Scene was there always quite huge, but somehow bands from there aren’t the ones who every, or at least huge number of, metalhead know. I have no idea what it is about. Well, I know this is impossible to say something more about condition and quality of the scene after listening to one band, but anyways.

By the way, Percussor exists since 2014, even if roots are back in 1996. But two first years of existence (between 1996 and 1998) were, let’s call it, empty. I mean there even no demo or at least rehearsal. From this period. “Ravenous Despondency” is fifth full-length of Philadelphians and contains nine tracks. And what music they play? Well this is definitely old school music we all love the most. As you probably, at least the very most of you, infer from logo and cover art this is Death Metal we have to do here with. I could of course name here few bands who surely influence very much my buddy Jack (the only original member in the band), Walter and Paul, but I’ll do such things in my reviews when Hell freezes over! Maybe even this wouldn’t change my mind. But I’ll describe what I hear as well as I only can. Guys play in middle tempo mostly and their creativity is very technical, but in the same time brutal as well. In my opinion this is not too easy to say is it more in American, English or even Swedish style. Honestly I also somehow hear on here some touches of Austrian or Dutch ones to make it a little more complicated and less comprehensive… However, somehow I hear mostly influences of some English band, but also one of fathers of Florida scene, where Troy is playing guitar. Music is brutal, but in the same time technically advanced, we have on here several tempo changes, guitar tracks and so on. When we talk about the tempo, this is middle one, let’s say. By the way, two first songs, especially “Systematic Savagery”, are in fast one. Another seven one present a little different face of music brutality and musicians’ technique skills are easier to recognize. In the same time music is not too easy to listen to. I mean, there happen really a lot on here, riffs are more broken and change quite often. The same is with drums as well.

I know from experience not everyone, and it takes also huge fans of Death Metal itself, like such music. I’m definitely not one of them and with every entire listening of “Ravenous…” I like Percussor more and more. I also feel ashamed this album is my very first contact with them! But this fact has also some pluses. I mean, this is always great as hell to get to know such great band! In my opinion that’s why I’m deeper and deeper in the scene and it’ll never bore me – every year there come out so many, many great albums and even better is that some of these albums create not too well-known or totally unknown, even for someone who’s into this music since three and half decades, bands. Anyways, do I need to write all these standard banalities which should be written on the end of review if you know extremely well what I think about this album and what you should to do immediately? I doubt I have to do it! And this is a reason why I add only one information to my scribble. “Ravenous…” is out in my favourite format by Horror Pain Gore Death Productions.

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