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Label: Self released

Date: January 26th, 2020

You do know Brazilian death metal, right? If not, now is the time to catch up because I’m here to write about yet another in the long line of bands carrying the torch.

Now, do not automatically assume Headhunter D.C. has anything to do with the sounds emanating from “Technological Destination”. Or Vulcano for that matter. Or Mystifier. Some connotations can be drawn, especially when Sangre goes down the overly atmospheric pieces. However, most of their second full length record is comprised of something similar to Morbid Angel, for instance. The only thing is that the quartet uses a whole lot of outsider influences whilst creating their music.

Most notably, there is a modern groovy touch to the whole release. It does not make the album quite “bouncy”, but it adds a bit of 21st century to the thing. Rhythmically speaking, of course. Still, the old school metalheads should have no problem digesting “Technological Destination”. Especially given that another spice on the album is thrash metal. Likely also taken from the new millennium, but not too much to give this contemporary feeling the listener might sometimes get a power-up.

Another thing this release is laden with is technicality. Going along with the title of the record, Sangre does display enough of the technical proficiency within their creation. Luckily, they manage to stop themselves before going way too far and losing the song structures altogether. The point to take care of is the song itself and the Brazilians have a way of arranging them and adding a catchy chorus on top of a solid ground.

Rounding up, there’s more than enough material here to bang you heads to. Even if the whole thing ends after less than half an hour. The question remains whether Sangre is able to deliver enough to make you want to follow them more intensely. As it stands, the answer is no. While “Technological Destination” gives you a reason to spin it a couple of times, it is hardly the stuff that will take the band to spectacular heights. Given the scale of competition nowadays, it is much more likely the album will go under as “another one of those”, no matter the advantages it has over many similar acts and albums. Sangre offers a lot, but it is my honest opinion that it takes a whole lot more to get to where this album is going.

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