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Label: Black Death Production

Date: February 24th, 2022

I don’t know is it me or the universe but in latest times I can’t find a band to fulfil my expectations. It doesn’t mean that a band makes bad music, but there is always something I must notice and be like: “oh, no, not this again!” I think it is karma or the God who is telling me: “Come on, you need new music. Hug this!” Whatever it is, I am confused.

This time it is something I chose by the subject, lyrics and I gave my ears a chance to like this. I am not sorry for that but here is my opinion. It’s pretty divided so, I am sorry if you get confused. It’s the first full length so most of it is forgiven.

I haven’t heard about Selfgod, to be honest, but little research uncovered that Selfgod is on the beginning of its musical career. It is a one-man band lead by Mr. Serge Streltsov who is pretty inspired by Slavic mythology. By Slavic origin of his first and last name I am sure those are some ancestor’s genes talking out of his creativity. If it’s not that, Slavic mythology is really inspirable so I am not surprised he chose that to be his subject. However, a good choice for the first album.

Selfgod is a pure death metal band. There is no mistake in that genre. Deadly fast blasting riff of drums, bass, deep growl with no intention to be understood and a guitar riff which is actually making some atmosphere. There are also some variations. Most bands have everything in package (by this I mean music, lyrics, look and defined sound) but sometimes not. When I was listening to this album called “Born of Death” I didn’t look to the phone to check the duration of songs but after some time I had to check if the first song is over. Why? Most of the album sounds the same. From “Fire Tsar” to “Cosmic Axis” in melodies and vocals I didn’t notice any change. Vocals are so similar that I can’t even find a proper word to describe them. To sing about old gods, mystery, pagans, the music requires you to be more creative with explosions of energy. Especially when you have songs like “Morena”, “Svarog’s steel” etc. Maybe Mr. Streltsov didn’t see that in the same way as me but I think it should be more expressive definitely. My impression to this point of the album was quite disappointing but then something happened. Not so radically but again any change was noticeable.

In the second part of the album, from “Weaver of Time” to “Born of Death”, to my pleasant surprise, the situation is changing. Atmosphere is far darker and less monotonous. I felt that Selfgod woke up. Music is definitely better with breaks, guitar solos and faster melodies. There is a defined border between songs, so that I heard when one ended and the other stared.

“Veles” is the song that took my attention the most. From that song I made a conclusion that Selfgod, alone or with a band, has some potential to be a good band. The subject, as I said, is inspired by Slavic mythology and that’s one thing I really liked about Selfgod. Of course, there is more to sing about from Slavic mythology. If Selfgod keeps this as his main subject, there is material for ten albums or more.

After listening I always ask myself two questions: 1) Can I imagine myself on their concert? Not if Selfgod will play first 5 songs of “Born of Death”. 2) Did I like the concept they started? Yes, because they have potential in any way. I think Selfgod should get a chance to be heard just to see the reaction of the audience. I hope it will be the motivation to make something different and better. Until then, enjoy if you are a fan of a bit different kind of death metal.



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