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Label: Black Lodge Records

Date: May 14th, 2021

Welcome to the vortex of the finest Nordic chaotic fusion of blackened thrash metal with the attitude of GG Allin!

Siniestro was formed back in 2012 after Linus Öhrn – Commander (IXXI, Järnblod, Valkyrja – live, ex Bloodofjupiter, ex Graverape Ritual, joined forces with Sabastian Rojas – The Machine (Terminal Prospect, Them Vultures, ex Dogma, ex Garverape Ritual, ex Los Mox). On previous releases, they had a help of bassists Bloodbag (“Revelations in Mayhem, Bleeding Heart Nihilist Productions, 2016) and BassRiot (“Arctic Blood”, Black Lion Records, 2018). In 2014, they released EP “Opressionof the Sunlight” and the debut album “Revalations in Mayhem” followed in 2016. In 2018, Siniestro released the EP “Arctic Blood”. I would say the perfect album teaser, the perfect introduction to what we are listening to in 2021 – “Vortexx”.

“Vortexx” is full of surprising twists.  The band easily transfers their life energy to the metal battlefield and deliver an extraordinary second full length.

“One Last Bullet One Last Ride” will punch your face both, musically and lyrically:

“One last bullet one last ride
No surrender to your flag
One last bullet one last ride
War against the scum of the earth.”

Furious and melodic at the same time, this song is the perfect album opener.

“Vortex” is short and effective, killing with perspicacious lyrics. 

The next one, “Blod Eld Död” (Blood, Fire, Death), is the reason I love Siniestro. Beautiful melodic instrumental intro written 20(!) years ago, with anthemic potential and Swedish lyrics with sing a long parts as:

“Lång är den vägen och svår är den tiden
När bördornas tyngd vinner kraft,
Att axla den mantel och alla begären
Inom mig hörs det en röst…”

will blow your mind. The song also features two guest vocals: Erik Grawsio (Månegarm) and Jens Järvinen from (Järnblod). 

“Black Acid Rain” punches back. The song is followed by the video filmed in Gran Canaria. Do not expect sunny beaches or surfing. They are unique and unpredictable. They will bring an apocalypse in the desert and transform heaven to hell. The lyrics are direct and there is no doubt what the band is focused on:

“The spread of the virus
A poisonous disease
Raise all the banners
No place for the weak.”

Here, I believe you would be surprised the most. Despite the image they create, Siniestro has a gentle side, and they will show it in the beautiful instrumental “Hiisi”, acoustic flamenco-style guitar piece, that will lead to aggressive “Escape by Death”.

“Den svartaste flamman och renaste hat” will thrill all punk souls. Now, spit on me if you want, but metal and punk belong together! Period!

By the song title, you do not have to be a brainiac to see what comes next. “Buried in the Bog” and its theme for some reason associates me with the story of lake Bodom murders. Verses: “I didn’t want to kill you, I should have buried you alive” reveal how far the vengeful mind can go. 

Epic “Anti Human Commando” shows you all you need to know about Siniestro, it represents the band in the best light: they are angry, they are aggressive, they are merciless, their energy is raw, they are passionate, they are killers!  

And in the end, another instrumental “My Innermost Sun”, played on church organ closes another chapter in Siniestro’s history. To be honest, can’t wait for more!

As Linus said in one of our interviews:

“Music is an art form and it is impossible to please everyone’s taste. We do not care about any specific genres. We do not care about fitting in, following trends or pleasing someone else. We do what we do and we do not compromise or apologize for anything we do.”

The beauty of Siniestro’s music lies in their attitude. This is the band you will love and or hate. No middle ground. And simply, they don’t care. They do what they love and that is more than enough. They bought me a long time ago, and I will follow them till the end.

The final words (instead of conclusion): Siniestro, Swedish / Chilean duo, led by the parole: no rules, no boundaries, no bullshit, one more time delivered an extraordinary blend of blackened thrash metal spiced with GG Allin attitude. Apocalyptic warriors delivered, as far as I am concerned, a masterpiece. 

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