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Label: Art Gates Records

Date: May 10th, 2022

An extravagant, mystic, obscure, theatric, dramatic Spanish electro dark quartet Stasia Momento formed by KK Overlörd and Olbap Dibasson just released an EP that pays tribute to their most memorable childhood songs.

“Mirrors Inverted Mirrors” includes five songs you might not recognize at first listening, and in my personal opinion that makes a successful cover.

The EP starts with “Send Me An Angel”. If you thought we were talking about the Scorpions, you are wrong. Stasia Momento is not that predictable band. They have chosen Real Life, Australian new wave and synth-pop band and their first single from 1983. Listening to the SM version of the song at the moment I thought I was listening to The Sisters of Mercy. Olbap and Reb deliver vocal performances that easily make this song an ear worm. Once you hear it, you will hardly get it out of your head. SM offers an upgraded version of the song that captures the essence of the 80’s sound perfectly.

“Por qué te vas”, the song originally performed by Jeanette in 1976. As expected, Stasia Momento gave another life to the song. A romantic ballad, combining folk, disco and pop elements, in Stasia Momento interpretation is a bit doomy. If you consider the fact that the lyrics are about loss and abandonment, the band’s decision to go in the doom direction is more than smart. This song has been covered by many artists over the years, and this one might be the best. Reb Ferenac gave a special touch with her vocal interpretation. The song is followed by the video, officially released on June 3rd.

“Over to You”, brings us back to 1976. The song was originally released on Black Sabbath’s album “Never Say Die”. SM again offers a very special and very interesting version of the song. At some parts you will even have an impression you hear Ozzy singing. Compared to the original version, this one is more pumped up, guitars are heavier, and once again, compatibility of male and female vocals stand out.

Original version of the song “I Ran (So Far Away)” would really make me run so far away if it marked my childhood. Luckily, I am a bit younger. The lyrics actually have a deeper meaning, A Flock of Seagulls, an English new wave band wrote it about a man who tried to run away from his feelings. An attractive woman that made him deny his feelings was abducted by aliens after the man saw aurora in the sky. A bit comic, but inspirational enough for Stasia Momento. This one is melodically the richest and the hookiest song on the album. Synths soften heaviness of drums and guitars, King Diamond’s falsetto screams that can also be heard in the end of  “Por qué te vas”.

And in the end, the song we all know and love is “Easy Livin’”. The song was originally released in 1972 on Uriah Heep’s “Demons and Wizards” album. Among all the versions I have ever heard (W.A.S.P., Angel Dust, Black Foot, The Dickies…), this one is maybe the most artistic and besides “Por qué te vas” this is my absolute favorite. Reb once again with her vocal interpretation pulled out the deepest emotions from the song. Recently, when Udo Dirkschneider released Queen’s cover “We Will Rock You”, Brian May said it was one of the strongest cover versions he had heard. Uriah Heep might say the same for the SM interpretation of “Easy Livin’”.

The highlight of the album is definitely female vocal that contributes to the overall atmosphere, growling male vocal; plenty of energy, emotions and melody, great song selection and the atmosphere.

Once you hear it, you will realize Stasia Momento is a band that will not remain you indifferent.

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