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Label: Self released

Date: September 25th, 2021

Old Slavic people had a lot of Gods, as we know. Our main God was Dajbog but for Serbs, as one of Slavic tribes, the name Strahor means a lot. White, crippled wolf, the biggest of them all, was the main God of Serbs. Some would say white wolf is our eldest ancestor, some would say he is pseudonym of Dajbog, as God of the underworld. By ethnology and mister Čajkanović, wolf means strength, power and loyalty. If many kids from one family die of some unknown reason, the last living baby gets the name Wolf (in Serbian Vuk) to make him strong, safe and healthy. So, this name for a band has its own purpose. Let’s see will Strahor be that powerful like the God.

In latest times black / pagan metal is really popular. There are so many projects in this genre, but most of them are not that good. I’ve heard about this band a long time ago. Its name and style is telling a lot and it’s totally my subject of lyrics. When someone has bands like The Stone or All My Sins for inspiration, the music must be good.

The opening song of the album is magnificent black / pagan rhapsody “Deathless Dream” that has a really rich guitar riff and convincing vocal technic. As I am listening to the album, and songs go by their order, I must notice that none of them have the same or similar riffs. Melody has its own trademark but songs have the same essential melody that is connecting them. It’s making one circle, symbolic and not that often heard.

Songs “September’s Nights” and “Undying Lust” have a depressing atmosphere full of coldness and death. They are leading us through that “land of the fallen”. Cool, huh? Yeah, it’s black metal. It’s cold origin tells us everything.

As I go further, the highlight of the whole album for me is the song “Wolfborn”. Its symphonic background with really powerful guitar riffs and lyrics. Right in the middle of the album, perfect place. My favourite so far.

The last two songs are showing us that Strahor can do a lot. Speed and darkness, as the best recipe for black metal.

This is not classical music for its genre. It doesn’t have endless blast beats with a lot of growls. I, as a listener, can sense this is meaningful for performer himself. Done with a lot of good inspiration taken from the biggest names from the scene and with specific emotion from the first to last song.

The best for the end. The album cover picture. Wolfborn man with his guardian wolves who are keeping him safe from the evil snake. Really symbolic with name written in Cyrillic is something best I’ve seen this year. Every detail has its meaning. As a big fan of mythical creatures I like it a lot.

Strahor is maybe not sitting in the hall of Gods or have white fur and red eyes, but he is the guardian of good music and creativity that comes as a refreshment to black metal. Well done!

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