Thursday, May 30, 2024
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You’re not going to like this report. In fact, if you had a blast in Belgrade this previous Friday night, you should stop reading this instant. Truth is I didn’t even want to do this. I didn’t even want to go see this show. Simply, I’m not a fan of either of the two and I haven’t even heard about the support band that somehow managed to get denied the entry into Serbia. Simply put, Ivona made me do it and now you are here to suffer the consequences.

My very own “in case of emergency break glass” are Ivona’s photos bellow that are certainly very good and worthy of clicking on this report.

Anyway… Starting from the information that Horizon Ignited weren’t even coming, this smelled funny. So, opening the show was Soilwork. Thankfully, the venue that seemed like a ghost town with a couple of bars just ten minutes earlier filled up nicely in time for the headliners opening the show. My first impression was that the band felt a bit dumbfounded by the very information that they are playing first. I bet it was ages ago since that happened to them, but by the time the second track was on, they fell in tune with the happening.

Absolutely professionally handling the set, they blasted through an array of this and that. Honestly, I’ve no idea what they played, which songs from which album or whatever. Again, I’m not a fan, not a follower, nor do I find their music quite interesting. For my personal taste, this is too sweet, too melodic and downright happy music. Especially for something that still drags along tales of old Gothenburg scene. To me, Soilwork is Children Of Bodom you can dance to.

And that’s just about my impression of the show. They’ve done their job, more or less coldheartedly. An evening like many others. Might just be my imagination, but perhaps the fact that they’ve gotten the ungrateful task of opening up the show influenced their somewhat distant appearance.

Still, I must note two more things about Soilwork’s part of the show. First of all, the sound that felt weird throughout. Guitars were pretty silent all the way, while drums and vocals dominated the picture. However, that fact did not seem to deter their fandom from recognizing the songs, singing along and generally having a real good time. Basically, the first fault was diminished by the sheer fact that Soilwork is a giant of global metal scene and have enough loyal followers that do not heed for such trivial matters as perfectly sounding concert.

Forgivable. But the second one, hardly! When did we start referring to the year 2001 as old school!? And Mr. Björn Strid did when announcing a track off their album “A Predator’s Portrait” from 2001. I mean, I can imagine their target audience being the kids who were barely or not yet born in 2001, but what do you call metal that reigned back in 1980’s? Or early Sabbath? I do realize I’m sounding like an old, held in fart now, but let’s call things by their real names, please. A guy who started his musical journey in mid-1990’s should know better.

Once I got over that shock (just kidding, I have still to recover), it was time for Kataklysm. To start with, their music is much more adherent to my taste. While also modern, their death metal retains enough strength and brutality to satisfy my thirst for sonic violence. In other words, they did fall from the death metal tree hitting all the modern branches on their way down, but still survived as an audial monster that can take your breath away. They too suffered from silent guitars, particularly when the drums were remorselessly blasting, but the abundance of bass actually worked in their favor. Mostly because their music is very apt for headbanging (which naturally goes along well with rhythm) and “jumping the fuck up” (well, duh). The absolute highlight of the show was a moment somewhere along the second of third track (same situation as with Soilwork, I have no idea about the songs’ names) when jumping in unison of at least half the venue actually made the ground tremble like at least 3.0 degrees Richter.

However, aside from that particular moment, Kataklysm left a rather flat lined final impression on me. I can admire that, as opposed to their counterpart on the tour, they are not afraid banging their heads might ruin any haircuts. Still, they seemed quite static on that stage. Their energy, along with the support from the pit seemed to have failed in crafting that absolute magic of a perfect live appearance.

Yet again, the audience didn’t seem to mind one bit. Ultimately, isn’t that more important than the opinion of yours truly. For all I know, I might have been the only one disappointed on the way out of Dom omladine.

What’s left is to enjoy the photos. So, here they are below.

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