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Label: Fighter Records

Date: November 3rd, 2020

From cosmic astral planes, 5 galactic warlords came to chase and conquer all diamonds on planet earth under the name: Diamond Chazer!

Being nostalgic these days, listening bands like Loudness, Medieval Steel or Tokyo Blade, I thought it would be nice to review a band who plays 80’s heavy metal in the XXI century.

Diamond Chazer comes from Columbia, the city of Medelin. They were formed in October 2017, did not waste their time and in 2018 released the first single ″Stranger Things″. The same year, EP ″Chained In Tokyo″ followed. Another single was released in 2019, ″Diamond Chazer/ Poltergeist″ and it seems that was good enough to to attract attention of Fighter Records and ink a deal.

Chasing Diamonds delivers us 10 songs with the great production, looking from the perspective of early heavy metal. Of course, in XXI century it sounds raw, but if you understand the band′s idea, than you will find the sense of it.

If you do your homework, you will realize ″Chasing Diamonds″ is nothing more than a great collection of previously released songs in various formats. Smart move. Besides author’s material, Diamond Chazer immortalized Swedish heavy metal pearl Gotham City, ″Swords And Chains″. 36 years later the song is brought back to life. The students surpassed the teachers!

Twin guitars and raw vocals are the most striking details of this album. In addition, album includes fine bass lines (″The Whip″ and ″Freedom″), keys in ″Tokyo Rendezvous″ (kind of Queen style), Iron Maiden influenced ballad ″Freedom″, spooky semi ballad ″Poltergeist″ and ″Stranger Things″ written as a tribute to the Netflix’s sci-fi/horror series “Stranger Things” which brings back the 80’s nostalgia… Everything smells like 80’s from start to finish! But, “I Need You” and “The Whip” remains my favorites.

The cover art reminds me a little of already mentioned Tokyo Blade early phase, which is again, quite nostalgic.

″Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend″ is a jazz song from 1943, if I am not wrong. I never knew what that means. Either I am not a typical girl, either something else is the problem here. But after I heard this album, I know for sure, I will chase these Diamonds!

Stiven Giraldo, Ramiro Álvarez, Juan Figueroa, Jhon Denis Rojas and José Manuel Cárdenas were not even planned when the music they are trying to revive was “popular”. If they were born at least 30 years earlier, they would stand face to face with Iron Maiden and rule the world’s stages! Remember their name: Diamond Chazer!

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