Thursday, June 20, 2024
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I’ll start this report with some quite funny stories, at least in my opinion. Well, it can also be one ,more proof I’m not normal at all, actually. But this is closely connected with this gig and Malmö Massacre itself. I somehow was even more then sure the main festival is also in July and thought intensively why the hell it’ll be on Tuesday and Wednesday.. I even had a little fight with my very good buddy from Karlshamn about it. When he said after the Convulse gig Malmö Massacre is on Friday and Saturday I was like “What the fuck?!? Can’t he count?!? Today’s Sunday, so how the hell can the 26th can be on Friday?!?”. Then after one week I realized the Malmö Massacre is in August and everything has become clear for me. Reason of my error, except my twisted mind, is probably because this Pre Party took place more than a month before the main festival.

This time I had to go alone to this gig. It was Sunday and my buddies went for the first time after their vacations to the work on Monday, so just couldn’t come here to enjoy the gig and grab some beers before, on and after that – Karlshamn lays not too near Malmö and trip home takes something like two hours for them. That’s why I left my home later than I’d do if they were with me. When I came there was still the Swedish Women’s Euro in football. So the room where the gig was planned wasn’t open at all. But the game finished soon and bands could enter the stage. The first played Morbid Evils which began with a little more than an half hour delay, so something like 20:35 instead of 20:00. And here I have to say it was a very good idea bands played just in this order!

Morbid Evils is just more about doom metal than the other ensemble. Well, actually in the music of Goatburner you can find only some little touches of this sub-genre of metal and they’re hard to notice, actually. Anyways, let’s go back to the show itself! About music of both bands I’ll write more if I’ll have the opportunity to review their stuff, even if the one of Goatburner is quite old. By the way, these three residents of different cities, but the band’s place of origin is still Turku presented mostly tracks coming from their third upcoming album “Supernaturals”. That’s what I suppose, because both guitarist and bassist hadn’t any set list I could use to make sure if I remember correctly. Their compositions are, just like it happens very often in doom/death metal, long ones and it also happens quite a lot in them.

My reaction was… Well, people just stayed and listened carefully to the music. Sometimes this or another one, I was one of the most active on this field, I guess, did some, let’s call it, doom metal headbanging and that’s it. But I felt most of us really liked what we heard. Evidence was applause after every entire track. The fact is it wasn’t too huge, but I’ll write the reason for that a little later – I think somewhere on the end of my scribble. When guys were over with the show, they came to sell their marchs and hoped to do it at least once. I have no idea, because I went to drink some beer. I somehow knew the break between bands would not be too long and my feelings about it were right. Stage entered two guys (one of them did it actually second time, because he has the same functions, guitar and vocal, in Morbid Evils). And here most of you surely got the idea there’s no drummer and only drum machine in this band. But you’re wrong!

This band based in Helsinki presents much more energetic music – the easiest to call it by the term Death/Grind. So there’s nothing strange in the same vein. I mean, energetic as well. But once again headbanging was about few people. I didn’t count very carefully, because I had to participate actively in that (I just can’t imagine I wouldn’t do it on a gig) and also was from time to time busy with making some pics, but I guess the number near to the real one is five, maybe seven in this case. Keijo didn’t use any crib sheet about what and when to play. And if I tell you this is just him who plays in both bands, you’ll probably be impressed with this.

And now I will tell you about the only thing I didn’t like about this gig. It was about the crowd! Well, I actually have no idea if I should use this term to describe the number of Metalheads who came to Plan B this evening, because there were something like twenty of us. So the number of headbangers, especially on Goatburner, wasn’t as little as you could think when reading about it. Well, to be honest, the longer they played the less people were there, so… And with this quite optimistic accent I’ll end this report to be able to write a review of some stuff who awaits it.

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