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Label: Nuclear Blast

Date: October 1st, 2021

Winter is slowly approaching, so it’s time for snow, coldness and some good music. Of course, when I think of black metal and winter my first association is Norway and Enslaved. The land and the band with such an inspiring history. The subject Enslaved is talking about in their opus is different but Vikings, pagans, Norman’s land and darkness is something they are known for. Here is something shorter, a little bit different and more progressive.

They have never been just a simple black / Viking metal but I am pleasantly surprised that they are progressing. The new EP “Caravans to the Outer Worlds” offers a lot. The story about new land, worlds that we can reach in future and by my opinion it sounds abstractive and new, but also connected to old runic genes and old Enslaved atmosphere.

The first song “Caravans to the Outer Worlds” is one progressive rhapsody with killer drum patterns. One imposing lyric that is talking about cosmos, an esoteric journey with Odin’s blessing. Every spiritual man is trying to reach those heights and his journey starts by disappointment in this world. It continues by going to another, better one, to find himself. In my opinion, one story about the Earth and its evils that lead us to connect with the Gods once more.

To the end of the EP there are only instrumentals, but with a specific atmosphere. “Intermezzo 1 – Lönnlig. Gudlig.“ in the beginning, sounds like older stuff from Enslaved with an extremely good guitar riff.

My favourite from EP is “The Epitaph” because it has a touch of old Viking era and ancient atmosphere. Let’s say it’s a break in the whole EP. It brings calmness and its taking us back to old times.

The last song, “The Navigator”, is totally over progressive with a lot of melodic segments. I like its mysterious vibe and futuristic atmosphere that is present during the song.

The cover is the key to another world as I understood. I expected some runes and swords but yeah, for new journeys a new cover. Symbolic, I must admit. This was my journey through the new Enslaved. I am delighted to hear one more album in their enormous opus and I hope in the future to hear a continuation of this EP, with blessing from Odin.


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