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Label: Symmetric Records

Date: September 21st, 2020

When we say Opera, most people among us are imagining ladies in big baroque dresses with monocles and gentlemen who are wearing one colored suits with cylinder hats on their heads. On the scene, actors and singers are performing “Madame Butterfly”, “Aida” or “La Traviata”. Their majestic voices are breaking through an even more beautiful theater and we are looking and listening one or two hours of that syncretic art. Every part of the play has its own meaning. Costumes, scenography, actors, dancers and most important, singers and music make one epic picture that’s about to impress us.  That’s opera, the most complex musical piece that the world has.

In my world, symphonic metal subgenre is a popular one. We all know bands like Nightwish, Epica and Therion, but there are more. This leads us to the rock opera, a modern combination of metal and orchestra with a touch of musical theater. Writing this review, I was careful and frightened. My musical education is on the level of a high school child, so I thought I wouldn’t be able to give an appropriate comment. Don’t mind me If I made some mistakes regarding the terminology.

Summa summarum, listening this magnificent piece of art I couldn’t but get an impression I am already in this fairy tale. The first conclusion from listening is that this piece is going above the classical opera, besides that it has all compositional signs of it. From prologue or overture to the epilogue, it is perfectly combined with the story. All this we have in classical Italian opera and dramas. But…

Let’s say it’s made on metal groundwork or simply said, it’s revolutionary exactly as idea of metal.  Power of our metal is illustrated in progressive and gothic instrumental that completely follows the vocals. Besides that, atmosphere through all play is touched by folk and mythical lyrics and that’s pretty metal-like. Linguist Vladimir Prop who wrote a book “Morphology of the folktale“ identified common themes for country tales. Following his words I can say, in this play, tale by itself is developed and has strict structure. It keeps our attention all the time. As a person who loves the Middle Ages I can totally transfer myself to this little village to see this magnificent libretto live. I would probably be a creature that is possessing Goditha. It’s a powerful role, right? We have 15 characters who lead the eternal fight between goodness and evil. It’s very symbolic and it’s letting drama take its place. I must mention I am delighted that opera is made by a woman, a lady Elina Englezou and with these words I am very thankful for one unique masterpiece made for metal lovers and more or less from Greece, a cradle of tragedy and drama. Also lovers of art know how hard it is to have all in one package, to sing, act and move on the scene with professional statement but I believe when artist hear the applause at the end of the play, all that hard work pays off. The biggest respect to all who participated here but the biggest impression on myself made Madame Iliana Basileois Tsakiraki aka Daeva with her mezzo-soprano which is breaking the walls and making the play as good as it is. From the male side, hats off for the performance of Mister Yiannis Papanikolaou aka Father Alvin, this kind of baritone should forever stay in metal and his appearance confirms that.

Cover picture of the album is so dramatic and occult. Those people around Goditha who are laying in a pentagram remind me of those angry common village people who want to “hang her“ and don’t want to hug anything that’s different, it confirms the malediction of the situation. Besides that, those colors bring its own trademark in mysticism.

I would like to see this live in Sidney Opera House, it deserves this kind of status in artistic world and these people earned it. Symbolism of this tale is talking about life, so there will always be a Goditha who is fighting with her own demons. Follow “When the full moon rise” outside, go for the long walk in to the Middle Ages and listen to the piece until some ceremonious concert.

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