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Label: Hells Headbangers

Date: May 27th, 2022

So it’s time for the split of two another legends of the scene, even if this is definitely about the underground one. And if I’d wanted to be boring I write once again the same sentences I did in my last review. Well, actually I should do it also in at least one more review I plan to write in the near future. Anyways, don’t be afraid of it! I know I’m strange, but at the same time I want someone to read my reviews. This is not about the fact this is me who writes them, but about music I try to present to you. Hopefully I do it in such a good way and at least a few of you decide after reading of my quite chaotic thoughts to buy this or another (or even all) stuff I recommend.

OK, but let’s come back to the main subject of this review! As I wrote before both bands are real legends existing since the middle of the eighties. Americans had a little break, but it doesn’t change anything in my opinion. Another thing is they had huge problems with line-up and maybe that’s why (and maybe because of their place of origin – Pittsburgh) they never reach position on the scene they definitely deserve on. But why the hell Blood didn’t do it and had to record seven demos before some label decided to release their debut (“Impulse To Destroy”) in 1999 is a huge mystery for me! Well, I know we don’t have to understand the reality around us, but this is still like I wrote.

Anyways, stuff itself is rather short one and it takes a little (two seconds, actually) less than eighteen minutes. We have here three songs of Nunslaughter and four of Blood. And now the worst is coming… I mean, I need to somehow describe the music of both ensembles and since I have listened to them for a very long time, I’m not sure what to write. But I’ll try to do it this way even those of you who have never heard about them will get to know what they play. The Style of their music is surely death metal, but at the same time Nunslaughter play something other than Blood. In the case of both groups this death metal is spiced with other condiments. First three tracks on this split belong to residents of Cleveland (Don moved once and that’s why the band also changed its address). And here we have to do with a mix of mentioned before subgenres of what we love the most and other ones like Thrash or even a little touch of Black. This last one is quite hard to recognize and is not about the music itself – I mean riffs and so on. But at the same time you can recognize without any, let’s call it, embarrassing technical quality of this music. Tempo is in the middle or even slow (as on Death Metal of course). Well, actually the third song is faster than the first two. Well, if I had to, even if I don’t like to do this, compare what we hear here to some more well-known bands then it’d be some not existing anymore band coming from Belo Horizonte. I guess you already know what ensemble I mean, but just in case I’ll add Wagner was the first vocalist of Sepultura. Another band you surely know and we can somehow compare Nunslaughter with is the one coming from San Francisco, where vocalist and the only original member is Jeff Becerra.

Brigade coming from a not too huge city called Speyer (Rhineland-Palatinate) was always interested in another kind of brutality. I mean, definitely the much faster one. Their Death Metal has a lot to do with Grindcore as well. And as I see this is not only about music, but also about what is also very important in this genre (the same like in Punk Rock). But if you think there’s no technique and only will play as fast as possible then you’re wrong, very wrong! The fact is that in such creativity this isn’t as easy as pie to notice and even more appreciate it, but… Well, this is a problem of people who can’t do it, not mine or even more of guys who create that songs only ostensibly seem for short ones, for ones where nothing interesting happens. Well this is probably because of tempo and the fact drums are in the first place. The fact is the longest track on this split is just presented by Blood.

Unfortunately, for me – those who know me or at least were reading my reviews know why stuff is available only digitally. Well, I know names like Nunslaughter or Blood say anything, once again unfortunately I write, to most Metalheads, but there are also people like me, who love these bands and would give a lot to own this on vinyl, CD or tape or all of them. Grab it if you want to be respected by me!

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