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Label: Reaper Entertainment

Date: September 30th, 2022

So we stay into thrash metal, actually German school of playing this kind of our beloved music, as well. But this time, as you see above, it’ll be review of the newest masterpiece of band who’s very well-known by all fans of mentioned before subgenre of metal. That’s why it’s unnecessary to write some biographical facts and so on, I guess.

Well, even if readers are, what I really hope, new comers, they can without any problem get to know them. Honestly I somehow can’t imagine how there are metalheads who don’t know, at least briefly, the creativity of these four beer lovers even in nightmares, but life is full of surprises, so I survive if I’m wrong also in this point. Anyways, I know people (and there’s not too little of them) who say this is in their opinion the best German thrash metal band. You can agree with that or not, actually I’m not sure if I agree with this thesis, but the truth is brigade coming from Frankfurt am Main present equal good quality all these almost forty years and I absolutely think this band is, for some incomprehensible for me reasons, underrated. Maybe this is about the fact many people connect them with, in my opinion, so-called, alcoholic metal (by the way, their second demo calls just like that) or because their debut came out the same year like “Pleasure To Kill” and “Obsessed By Cruelty”? Or maybe music is at some point too hard, if you know what I mean? Hell knows!

They’re still close to what we could listen to on “Zombie Attack” or “Chemical Invasion”. And this is not only about music areas, but first of all specific for them, but not only actuality, mixture of aggression and technique where technique is of course something secondary. This is even what you get while listening to this full-length. All ten tracks are the same great ones and to be honest I still hardly can believe it takes more than fifty five minutes.I mean, time while listening to “Pavlov’s Dawgs” is running fast. Well, too fast and it makes me have to listen to this twice or triple to be satisfied with it. Probably this is the reason I wrote this review for quite a long time. Anyways, you can find here everything that should be in real old school thrash metal. You know, sharp riffs, characteristic vocalizations or drumming and so on. Tracks’ structure perhaps isn’t too complicated, even if, as I said before, there’s quite a lot of technique there and that’s why you cannotice some broken, but not in death metal meaning, riffs, something what you can classify as a solo here and there or some subtle changes of tempo in drumming. Tankard was always playing like that which makes this music a little harder in consumption.

Personally I always loved their unique style, still love and will do it until the last drop of both blood and beer! This is definitely one of the best, maybe even the best thrash metal full-length I heard this year. Well, actually for a long time! Even though Amorphia I reviewed some time ago is a very good album as well. The same like last releases of Sodom or Kreator. Well, this lastone isn’t only a thrash metal album, I think. By the way, this is a shame for me. This review is coming to its end. If you were reading it carefully then you know what the reason is. But that’s life! Besides, I somehow was never about describing an entire single song and analyzing it like “he plays mostly in C major”. I also have no favorite track on this album. Why? Because all are the same, great in my opinion! Actually I’d have quite a huge problem telling you what Tankard song, I mean taken from all their full-lengths, is my favorite one. So if you’re the same crazy about old school thrash metal in German style like me – grab this CD as quickly as you can!

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