Saturday, July 20, 2024
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Modern world is full of many events. Every nation around the globe which has good conditions is making promotion fairs about their music, folklore, clothes, drinks, food and calling it “a festival”. I am familiar with, for example, festivals like “Days of Jewish culture”, “Wacken Open Air” or “Belgrade Beer Fest” but those events have that name for many years and with reason. Because they are unique and they have some idea and many years of rejecting. Many years should pass and a lot of affirmation tests to call something “a festival”. My personal opinion? Yes, but not just mine and not just here.

In this magazine you will not only come across good reviews, news and reports but also longer texts that should make some or all people think about situations and problems that are omnipresent in the world of music. Metal as a part of modern subculture has festivals around the world. We all know about “Hellfest”, “Wacken”, “Graspop”, “Rock in Rio”, “Alcatraz” and many more but also smaller ones that went through the road of thorns to make a legitimate right to call themselves that way. As a fan I support every way of promotion of metal and everything counts but I have some questions…

In past few years I was on many concerts. The pandemic put a veto sign on concerts in 2020 but metal survived and continued to build itself. In Serbia there are many young and devoted people who are putting effort to organize concerts for us but I think someone mixed the terms. For me, the term “festival” has a specific translation. That’s an event that has a duration of a few days with educational and entertainment goals to present us with specific content. That’s it.

You probably think: “What the hell does she wish to say”? Well, here it is. If you organize only, and nothing else but only musical concerts in one or two days without anything else to offer; if you don’t have a specific subject to talk about, I am sorry to disappoint you, but that is not a festival. I know we are craving to have many of those events but you just don’t have to call it that way. I got used to something else.

If you are already putting an effort to give us something, let it be more creative, with something new and maybe something different that will be remembered.

For example, you invite some important dude to talk and answer on a certain subject. You organize competitions, distributions promoting music of many talented young musicians, let them put their merchandize on your table and to show you what they’ve got. Do you have your own market, your own beer or simply just something that the festival is devoted to? No? Okay, it’s not a festival. Change the name.

Okay, cool, important bands, two days, funny commercials but that’s it. I am not amused. If you have a good story, something unseen and very interesting this text would go in other direction but plenty of times I read: “Check this “Bla Bla” metal festival out, two days awesome bands” and the offer ends there.

Okay cool, what did you do to connect people who are coming to your event? Did you put effort into bringing this to the next level!? What do you have to offer us next year for “vol. 2”? After adequate answers to these questions, maybe we can talk and make a real festival. What do you know, maybe your event is the next “Wacken” but to get there you all need to think. Hey, that’s your culture, your people. There are so many things next to music that make metal and rock ‘n’ roll what they are. Just be creative. Don’t just rush to make an event and to act like an important guy. Put some colour into this.

After this, there will be many of those “if you are so smart, why didn’t you organize a real festival?” Well, I have to write this and be pretty, sorry. And my favourite: “You always have something to say!” Yes I do! Because you don’t want to. So, let’s try something else, let’s see something more. Maybe Belgrade can become the next capital of metal.

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