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Blasphemous Putrefaction was founded in June 2017 by Satanic Death Vulva (strings, vomits) and Tar Morion (drums, noise) who had already played together in Decibel Rebels and Genocide with whom they released last year the massive piece of blasphemy known as “Demonic Rituals In The Shadow Of Endless Fire”. Tar Morion speaks for Abaddon Magazine on various topics including Blasphemous Putrefaction’s first full-length album “Prelude To Perversion”.

Hi! Welcome to Abaddon Magazine! As the band name suggests, you are playing death metal. Tell me first something more about the band, where and when it was formed and how many releases do you have behind?
Hello! Our band was formed in June 2017. While we were working on the last Genocide album, we had the urge to play something else than black metal stuff and started to collect some riffs. Now we can present you our third release which is the first full album of Blasphemous Putrefaction.

Your album ″Prelude to Perversion″ is set to be released in October. I was lucky enough to hear it already. Sick one! Are you completely satisfied with the sound?
Thanks for enjoying our noisy music! It was hard work to find the fitting sound. We wanted it on the one hand raw and dirty, on the other hand it should not be the typical basement loft sound. So yes, we are satisfied and proud with our album!

Tell us something more about the album, who was involved in creative process?
Blasphemous Putrefaction is a two-man-band. Satanic Death Vulva had all the ideas for disgusting riffs, while I was the man for the arrangement, the drum parts and these noisy sound effects. We sat always together in our rehearsal room and worked on songs for the album. It was not as one of us came with a complete song to the next rehearsal. We did not prepare anything, we created spontaneous new songs and recorded always these raw ideas before we started working on the details.

You recorded one video, how do you feel when you are recording audio and how when you are recording video material? Which one gives you more freedom and creativity?
When I record drums for Blasphemous Putrefaction I don’t prepare really much. I can record everything at home and so I do not have limited time to finish the recordings. I try out a lot of different beats during recording and choose the one which fits at best with the guitar riffs. Also during guitar recording sessions we are still creative and improvise a lot by lead guitars. When you do a band-performing-video you are limited to the music you have recorded before. Of course you can be creative with lights, clothing and the location but you do not have this kind of freedom as if you are creating music.

The album contains 9 songs. The titles speak for themselves. Which one you would say is the best on the album, lyrically and musically?
Good question. Lyrically none of these songs is in any kind special. It is just typical for the genre. Musically I enjoy “Leprous And Cancerous” really much because of this groovy refrain between the primitive caveman riffs.

As I see, your demo ″Abominable Premonition″ was released for Dunkelheit Produktionen, than EP ″Festering Plagues″ for Death In Pieces Records. You are back to Dunkelheit again. What made you to let’s say go back home again?
Victor of Death In Pieces Records asked us after the release of our first demo if he can also release some music from our band. That’s why he asked him two years later for the release of “Festering Plagues”. For our album we got the opportunity to release it by Dunkelheit Produktionen on Vinyl in different colors and as Digipak CD.

Officially only two band members were working on this album. When it comes to live shows, do you have live band members, how it works?
It works in an easy way, there are no plans for any live performances. So we can just work on new songs and do not have the pressure to rehearse for concerts.

Both of you are included in several projects, how do you manage your time to dedicate to each band equally?
Like you already said we are included in a couple of projects. Not all projects are real working bands with regular rehearsals or concerts. Sometimes it becomes a little busy to manage everything when some of the projects are more active at the same time but till now it works fine.

When it comes to album promotion, now, when there are no shows possible, what are you focused on? Maybe social medias, magazines or something else.
For promotion we recorded the video for “Prelude To Perversion/Necromantic”. I am not interested in sharing every day some stuff about our music. Dunkelheit Produktionen does the promotion on socials medias and wherever. But when someone asks us for an interview we are always open minded.

Power and thrash metal are characteristic for Germany. What made you to play death metal?
I was never a big fan of power and thrash metal. I prefer it more primitive and rawer, so death metal is my kind of music.

Who influenced you the most, American death metal or European death metal bands?
For Blasphemous Putrefaction I never had a special influence. We tried to make it noisy, aggressive and primitive, that’s all.

Which German band you think is the most influential and most recognizable worldwide?
Probably Rammstein or Scorpions? I am not a fan of this bands but I think they are for many people an inspiration and have a great influence of musicians.

How do you live these months? How is the situation in your area? Are the any restrictions?
I am tired of this Corona discussions and have no motivation to talk about this topic. In Germany you have to wear a mask when you are using trains or buses and also in every store you have to wear it. Now there are at least some small concerts allowed but you have to sit on a place and there are a lot of rules to follow.

What would be the first show after Covid “crisis” if you could choose?
Sadly the Vomitory show in November is cancelled and I hope that they come back to Germany after this crisis. So this would be my show of choice.

I see some countries have concerts, how is the situation in Germany, at least in your area?
It is varied in different areas of Germany and to be honest I don’t know any more what is allowed in our area and what is forbidden.

If I missed to ask you anything and you think it is important for the band to say, just shoot! If not, thanks for your time and cooperation. 
Thanks for your interest in our band and music and we hope you enjoyed this interview as much as we did. Cheers!

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