Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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For me, it has always been a challenge to discover new bands and give them opportunity to present themselves in the best light all over the world, or wherever our magazine has readers. One of those bands who got the chance to represent their music as best as they can is Indonesian Decayed Flesh. 

Hi guys! Thank you for your time. Hope you are alive and kicking.
Hello Abaddon Zine! We’re okay, thanks for this interview.

I discovered Decayed Flesh on YouTube. I have to admit, ″Eternal Misery″ is rarely a good debut album. For how long you have been playing, because from what I hear, quality is on your side.
Thanks for already heard our songs, we play and join together at least two years ago.

Maybe we started from the upside down, so for our readers and your potential fans, tell me something about the band name, where and when the band was formed?
Current lineup are Lukman Robi Andika (drums), Anggit Rizky (bass and vocals), and Wasis Setiawan (guitars and vocals). We play brutal death metal with some nasty old-school riffing.

Your album was released for Brutal Mind, label that stands behind, I would say death metal veterans Disavowed and many Indonesian Death Metal bands. How are you satisfied with collaboration by now?
Finally we have chosen Brutal Mind as our record label because they are one of the best labels in Indonesia and international. So far we are satisfied and hope that in the future we can work together even better.

Lyrics are focused on diseases, psychology, faith… Besides extremely good instrumental ″Into Eternity″, I would say ″Omnipotent Hypocrisy″ is my favorite song. Can you explain the lyrics, what are the lyrics focused on?
The lyrics tell about humans who deny their God, they are on behalf of God for their personal gain. God was made a lackey of religious leaders and politicians, who themselves did not know the essence of God. At this point it is not God almighty but hypocrisy.

Of course, we have to mention album cover too. Tell me something about its concept, who sign it and how much you suggested your ideas to the author?
Album cover depicts people who suffer to another realm. Done by Adi Dechristinize Art from Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

How would you explain phenomenon of Indonesian Brutal Death Metal bands? I have counted around 20 bands that come from your country and playing nothing less but Brutal Death Metal.
Brutal Death Metal musical phenomenon in Indonesia is currently developing very rapidly, you can check it at

Indonesian metal scene is undiscovered yet at least here in Europe. Can you tell me something more about it?
Some Indonesian bands have toured in Europe and US, such as Jasad, Deadsquad, Burgerkill, Viscral, and others, you can check on the YouTube channel.

Indonesia is the biggest island country, ethnically diverse country, with around 300 distinct native ethnic groups, more than 700 local languages, 6 religions officially recognized by government, so, considering listed factors, how widespread and accepted the metal is?
Well received. Even Indonesian bands can combine metal music with culture, religion, or with local languages.

When it comes to concerts, are there any venues in your town, festivals, how does the local scene look like?
Indonesia have a lots gigs and metal music festival, from the smallest till the biggest event, the one biggest of Hammersonic Festival at Jakarta.

I already mentioned Indonesia has many Brutal Death Metal bands. Which types of metal are the most accepted there in general? Do the people understand what is it all about or you are faced with prejudice?
Every metal subgenres in Indonesia have fans of each. So far, the most popular ones are Death Metal, Brutal Death Metal, Metalcore, Grindcore and Deathcore.

How did you discover metal? Are there any metal shops, metal clubs, how the metal community is maintained?
It’s been a long time listening to and being familiar with metal music, starting from radio, watching concerts, to idolizing a band that was the trigger for us to create a band.

Brutal Death Metal is very demanding. Heaviness, speed, and complex rhythms over other aspects, and only three guys in the band. Do you have any plans to include another guitar for live gigs?
When we are perform, we still do it with a three-person formation with the sounds we have prepared, keeping our music sound solid.

Speaking of gigs, did you have any so far?
The last our show before pandemic comes is Indonesian Death Fest Chapter Jakarta, Bulungan, Jakarta.

How demanding and challenging is to be in a metal band in Indonesia?
Very challenging, because not all people can accept the music that we present, maybe only the underground music lovers community that we can reach.

What are the problems you face as metalheads on the street, at work, do you have support from your families?
Overall support with our activities on music include family, friend, and each others.

Of course, we have to mention your influences. Which bands influenced the band’s sound the most?
The biggest influences for us like Deeds Of Flesh, Inveracity, Severed Savior, etc.

If you could choose any band to go on tour with, that would be…
If we’re on tour and together with our favorite local band like Jasad and Viscral it can be helpful to us, our dreams can be tour in Indonesia, Asia, and Europe.

I have to ask you a question about Corona pandemic. How is the situation in your area, are there any restrictions, how do you cope with this situation?
The situation here is already conducive, but there are still restrictions in some cities. Activities continue to run by following the health protocol from the government.

At the end, tell me something more about the future plans. Where do you see Decayed Flesh in, let’s say, in 10 years?
Our plan for the future is to do an album tour, within the next 10 years we have a dream to be able to appear on Wacken Open Air in Germany.

Thank you so much for this interview, stay safe, stay brutal!
You’re welcome and so many thanks for the reader of this interview, regard from us. 

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