Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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I definitely have good luck these days, actually months, to see alive real legends of the scene. Well, I know that both Demilich and Convulse aren’t, let’s say, some global and well-known to everyone bands (and it’s also about fans of Death Metal), but they’re still legends in my opinion. But meanwhile I’ve seen Agnostic Front and here no one will doubt this is a pure legend, and it doesn’t matter their music has not too much to do with Metal itself. Somehow I think and believe most metalheads know them as well as for example D.R.I. Unfortunately I was too lazy to write a report from their gig. Well, but I’ll at least mention this gig here in this report, anyways.

As always, well, almost always, activities connected with gigs started quite early. The reason is my very good buddies are arriving in Malmö at half two p.m. Then there was common stuff like listening to music, drinking beer or eating lunch. But if you think I’ll describe it with every, even smallest detail then you’re wrong and will be disappointed. Here’s no place for such things! Besides, I think anyone who’s reading this report is interested in that. By the way, we left home at something like seven p.m., so more or less one hour before the beginning of the concert, even if the club is really near my place. But after a long time pals from Hel(l)singborg and other cities in Scania came, so… Anyways, the only band this evening has begun to play with some half time delay. And here I need to directly tell you it’s anything that I see negatively! This is even contrary in my opinion. It happens when musicians treat other metalheads (but as I remember it was exactly the same thing on Agnostic Front) like friends, chat with them and so on before the gig! And that’s how it should be!

Anyways, this gig was a part of the 30th anniversary tour. So it was something natural. The guys played the whole material of “World Without God” and also three or four more tracks taken from their last creation “Deathstar”, but not only. As I know it wasn’t like that everywhere on this tour. I mean, not everywhere guys played some bonuses. It took something like an hour for our friends from Nokia (I know most of you connect this name only with mobiles, but this is first of all a city with a population near thirty five thousands), by the way. I guess they’d play maybe even a little longer if not a fact they had to be two days later in Poznań, Poland and this is really long trip from here. And I can sum up their show with one word. Well, actually four ones’ sentence: It was fuckin’ great! Everyone who was there could realize the stage is their element and communication with the crowd was also great. Reaction of people, most of them, was something that I’ll probably never deal with, even if I actually should do it or at least it shouldn’t be anything strange for me anymore after all these years I have lived here in Sweden. But this is what I have lived with and I absolutely don’t complain about this! That’s how Swedish acts do gigs and that’s it! So headbanging was the domain of three, maybe from time to time seven of us. Worse and impossible to accept is the fact there were maybe thirty eight people at this gig and almost anyone who was less than thirty years old. Especially tickets weren’t expensive and nowadays it was any problem to check out what and how Convulse play online even one month or so before this concert!

Anyhow, those who were there, enjoyed the show as hell! And I am sure we all were thankful as hell for the possibility of seeing this legendary band alive. Well, actually one of my dreams from my teenage years became real and I don’t care I had to wait all these years. Actually it “tasted” even better now and I definitely appreciate it more than if it was in nighties! I also hope I won’t have to wait another thirty years to be able to see them once again.

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