Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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After a long time some interesting gigs happened in Plan B. Well, at least from my point of view there was anything very interesting during these two months which were up since the Malmö Massacre. But it can always be so I just missed out on some cool event – I had a lot on my mind, so… Anyways, it was definitely worth the wait! It was also my first since a very long time since punk gig I visited. Well, you could find some elements of metal influences in one or second case, but it was still strongly connected with Punk culture. Of course, as I wrote before (report can be found on the page as well), on Malmö Massacre played bands connected more or less with or maybe even better to say related to punk, but it was still a festival where they were some kind of curiosity. I mean, Malmö Massacre is dedicated first of all to metal in all its extreme forms.

Anyways, when we (my buddies from Karlshamn and me) entered the club I was like “what the fuck is going on here?!? I know the golden era of punk rock is out, but this is an fuckin’ absurd!!!” because there was anyone more there, except crew. But after some time we needed to drink a beer outside, I mean in the beer garden, I calmed down – I saw some punks inside the club. And there were more and more of them with every minute, by the way. Well, I guess a little more people visited the Malmö Massacre, but there were still quite a huge number of them on Not Enough as well and it wasn’t only guys and girls in, let’s say, my age. So here is the proof saying, which some people treat like a slogan, “Punk’s Not Dead” isn’t any cliché and even contrary for many people, in my opinion to too few humans it is like that, but…. Actually I think punk will never die. Reason is the fact Punk Rock is something more then only the music. We can even say music is here the way to communicate, to let you know about very important things, to spread anarchy as an ideology. That’s why, at least as well as I know this genre of music (and I do it quite well, I guess and this isn’t only about Polish one, even if that’s normal I know it the best), most ensembles sing in native languages of the countries they come from.

But let’s get back to the meritum! It was my very first contact with all of the bands who participated in Not Enough and I tell you this is what I probably like the most. That’s even more then great to see some so-called huge band, of course. Most of them I can watch on stage several times and there are hordes I have no idea how many times I’ve seen in my life. But for me this underground atmosphere, this brotherhood (and it doesn’t work if there’s “too many” fans out there) on gigs is also something important. And that’s exactly what I felt this time.I don’t take a risk to say who played the best show. The truth is of course some bands gave a little better shows than other ones, but since this is a bloody competition, then I, to be honest, don’t care too much about it! Every ensemble has something special to offer. And even the fact some bands have more spontaneous and so on stage working doesn’t mean anything. I mean, I liked them even more because of this stage work, but it’s not about whether they automatically were better then other ones who were a little calmer on stage. You know, this is like with pizza, kebab, pljeskavica, bigos or something. Someone likes to eat this and another one doesn’t do it and that’s it. Hope you know what I mean with this metaphor. If you don’t do it… Well, I will survive and will deal with it, surely.

Between shows there was enough time to grab a beer and so on – contrary to last festival which took place in Plan B all ensemble shared one and the same stage, which meant some longer pauses were necessary from a pure technical point of view. Honestly I liked it much more than what took place on MM where I had to run around like a headless chicken to be able to watch all the bands who played there.
In short, it was a great experience to be there and see with my own eyes, feel that punk rock and everything that’s connected with that is important for some people. I’m one of them even if my identity is first of all the metalhead one, by the way. Maybe this is like that, because in my childhood I listened to punk rock culture’s bands mostly. Besides I remember times when metalheads and punks were in close relations and united.

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