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Label: Ellie Promotion

Date: March 24th, 2023

So time to come back to Europe has come. The country we’ll visit is, I somehow feel, quite “exotic”, even if some mainstream streams are very popular, what’s for me at least strange ( this isn’t, I mean their creativity, my cup of beer at all), bands are coming just from there. Well, one of the doesn’t exist anymore as I know and the second one movedin a part to the States, to be precise – to New York City. Anyways, every time when Iheard the name of the first one I was like “What the hell?!? There was and is only one band with this name, the one coming from Gdansk!”. But this is probably one more proofI’m crazy as hell underground maniac. What would happen if their demos “Noc Demona” and “Bad Obsession” had such a huge impact on me? Ok, but let’s end these digressions which surely most of you don’t care about or even!

Asylum Pyre comes from the heart of the capital city of France. They have existed for twenty years and “Call MeInhuman…” is their fifth full-length. To be honest it’d be quite strange for me if I didn’t know how huge problems the line-up had with this ensemble. It was about all positions and took place very often, but first of all about female vocalists – Oxy is the fifth one. So I guess this is some way of success Johann (who’s the only original member) didn’t say to himself something like “hell with a band like that!” and Asylum Pyre still exists. You know, such huge rotations in the line-up have to be terribly frustrating and I bet most people if they were in his shoes would throw in the corner guitar and in general the idea of having their own band! And I tell you what, we all should be grateful to him he didn’t do it! So you already know what I think about music enclosed on this album. But you still don’t know what they play. Well, you know this is some kind of metal, but there’re so many sub-genres of it and even more ways of playing this, then you still know nothing. But if you’re patient enough you’ll get to know everything soon. “Call Me Inhuman…” contains twelve tracks which take almost fifty five minutes. When this is about describing this creativity, it’s not too easy to do it with one, so called keyword. Band used to do it by the term progressive/power. But you’ll probably agree with me. It says very little. Especially in my opinion this is an oversimplification. I mean first of all the term “progressive” I never liked very much in describing music. I somehow prefer to write “very technique” instead. Well, maybe this is also like that because it was just too easy to write “they play progressive metal” and as you know if something seems too easy, that’s absolutely not my cup of beer – that’s why I never use names of so-called big bands to compare the creativity of the ensemble I just review. I can hear on here elements of many genres of music and it takes not only metal itself. Generally we can call it power metal, but in my opinion this is not a pure classic one surely. I mean, there are all characteristic elements mentioned before sub-genre of our beloved music, but at the same time I can recognize some touches, even if quite subtle mostly, of for example jazz or gothic rock. This is very technical creativity, by the way. Here I could write at least the half page about all these guitar, drums’ and so on tricks. But since, as always, quite a lot of stuff waits in the line to review them, I simply avoid doing it. And there are two reasons for such a decision. The first is some of you probably could lose lust to get to know this stuff. Of course I can be wrong here, but this is natural as hell. I think everyone thinks like me and wanna be only touched by reviews, and get motivation to “taste”the stuff. Second reason is more prosaic, or let’s say pragmatic to make it less egoistic – I just wanna save time.

So, if you like power metal, but in its more technical way and with a little different melodic lines this stuff is just for you! For sure this music is for everyone. I mean, it can be appreciated by everyone who can hear musicians’ abilities, but with enjoying it quite a lot of people can have problems. The main vocalist in Asylum Pyre is a girl and I know how some people react to this. But believe me, this is surely metal music, even if this isn’t anything, let’s call it, typical. Well, I somehow can very hardly imagine this music with male main vocals. Anyways, I’m one of these guys who enjoy this album more and more with every listening. So grab this CD right now!

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