Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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Label: Self released

Date: May 14th, 2022

In modern era of technology and high production everyone can be a musician. When I said that, I meant no disrespect to all the people who are making music that way. People are different and artistic freedom is allowed so I support those lone wolves. This month I listened to many one-man projects and their number is growing day by day. I am a bit traditional. I thought the point was to find friends, gather a full band and grow with your music together. But the truth is you don’t need people next to computer and programing. Problem is, one-man bands are really multitalented people and they are alone in this.

Axeheart is one of those people. The project from 2022 next to Mr. JD Walker has also some guest vocals. Well… That’s what I thought. This is actually part of one-man project which gathers many talented musicians from different parts of Canada or even other parts of the world. Many names are participating here and they will be part of history of Axeheart. Names that were repeated the most are vocals like Mr. Eric Castiglia, Mrs. Silver Angelina and Mr. Berzan Önen. Berzan Önen is pretty famous for his vocal covers and incredible vocal abilities. From regular heavy metal through power to metalcore, his voice can make magic from covers. Those people and five more made this album great and powerful. There are many different instrumental producers so thanks to internet, modern era and talent of those people, Axeheart was born.

The album’s name is “Through the Seas and Time” and that’s one syncretic modern piece of art that should rise and shine one day. As I said, in the sea of those projects it’s a bit hard to find something that makes sense and is very creative. When it comes to music on this album, genre is almost impossible to define. Heavy / power / Viking / melodic / death metal, everything in one hour shows us really big effort that Axeheart put in this album. I got lost a couple of times during listening because even in one song there are many breaks, different vocal technics and melodies. It’s a bit too much to put everything in one song but the point is, it’s interesting to listen. That’s almost always the only important thing.

Songs like “Rocky Mountain Vikings”, “Rise Again” and “Fight and Die” deserve to be the soundtrack for some history movie. Metal always goes well with history and fairy-tales. According to entire album you can hear that the artists have good taste in music. Big influence of many bands like Nightwish, Five Finger Death Punch and Amon Amarth is more than present. It is Interesting that those are really different bands of totally opposite genres. They put it all together and made an album to remember.

Besides melodies and vocals special places also take graphic design and production. On YouTube, you can see the design that was made for the entire album. Something like animated pictures. High production is great work also made by bunch of people. JD Walker is, I assume, the main character but next to those I mentioned there are also Jasmin Mišić, Ilario Sorace, Patrick Stateman etc.

I think the purpose of this, let’s say, digital band is to be music for video games and even more simply just fun for bunch of creative souls. It would be great to hear those people live on some festival. I think they can make interesting appearance. Well, digital era is here, Axeheart is part of it, so let’s give them a chance to make music that way and to show us informatically dumb (that’s me) even this is possible. But I won’t make a problem if I see Axeheart on some stage somewhere.


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