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Label: Nuclear Blast

Date: October 16th, 2020

It was about bloody time! Benediction is back with their eight full length record after twelve years! And let me assure you, they mean business! Takes a bit of shaking the rust off those olden knuckles, but this album does hit the spot.

The fact is that there is much to bang your head to. I’ve always liked how the majority of British death metal bands keep that “thrashy” feel to their music. Among others, Benediction basically put that style on the map and they keep it over thirty years in. Even if their discography has its ups and downs, you cannot quite call any of Benediction’s records bad. There are only those that are the stuff of legends and others who are just very good.

Another fact that remains is that Benediction will probably never make a record quite successful as “The Grand Leveller” or “Transcend the Rubicon”. In most cases, when you’re dealing with an old band, one wonders if there is even a good reason for their existence in this day and age. You know, when a band is unable to offer anything else worthy of deeper attention and just keeps riding on the tide of the good old days. However, when dealing with Benediction and “Scriptures”, there’s no need to worry. The Brits’ existence is still very much essential. The do have a lot to offer. Furthermore, their new album is the one that can be used as a certain “how to” manual for their younger colleagues.

Sure, you can “blame” this on the production. Just focus on the bass guitar. Such pummeling is rarely heard even with the modern production tools. Of course, you can expect a deep, full and brutal sound. But, this is the 21st century and almost anyone with a bit of knowledge, equipment and the proper software can achieve this.

The thing that puts Benediction on top of myriad others is their creative effort. They keep the essence and strip it of any unnecessary additions. Keeping it short, simple and effective. Write this down if you cannot remember. Short, simple, effective. No running around in circles, just straight ahead. Shoot for the kill and should a miss occur, it will not be by much. And the next shot… Dissolves the flesh!

Such are these catchy riffs. Banging your head is obligatory to those driving rhythms. Even shouting out loud to those adrenalized lyrics. Benediction gives it all away and there’s no other way that taking it all in.

I’m sure that the devoted death metal fans are already setting up an altar to worship “Scriptures”. And they are absolutely right to do so. This record will stand amidst the old ones with pride. Reputation upheld. And with style!

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