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Label: Rockshots Records

Date: January 21st, 2022

It’s been almost one month since I listened to Beriedir’s new album. As a person who is pretty traditional when it comes to music I just couldn’t listen to this band. In my head power metal is power, black is black, without any experimental parts and new age metal subgenres. But sometimes we need to listen twice. Youth needs new chances and wind in the back to continue to create and use imagination. That’s how music progresses. So, I decided to listen one more time and write down a few words.

I can see this Italian band is pretty young in every way. Age of members and also its existence. To me, they are totally unknown and first time I heard about them is when I downloaded the promo from our official email. By looking through social media, their production and how they put effort in their promotion I became interested.

Thanks to my young friends, and my own generation’s music taste, I am familiar with bands such as Black Veil Brides, Five Finger Death Punch, Bullet For My Valentine, My Chemical Romance, etc. I was never a fan but I know a lot of songs. When someone is mixing that music style, their own taste and talent we get a perfect modern metal band.

To be honest, by reading descriptions and listening to “Aqva”, I couldn’t even name a specific metal genre of Beriedir… But that is their secret that also interested me. There are just a few things that fit them to a modern band. As music is art and every art progresses, we must make peace with newest trends, riffs, vocals, styles and lyrics. So, let’s see what they have to offer us as they try to reserve their place among rock stars.

Their new album is called “Aqva”. It’s their second full album so far. If I look at all 10 songs at once I can say that every song sounds a little bit like the previous one. For example, songs “Moonlight Requiem” and “Arkangelos”. In my head they are the same, but let’s not look that as a bad thing. Why? Because it will be their mark among tons of the same young modern bands. Not because of the same sound but a specific way of using riffs. Especially synthesiser. Joyful synth melody through every song is interesting. Maybe sometimes too much, but it gives the vibe of those early progressive metal bands. That’s a pretty unique sound and also one more thing that helps and brings things up.

If we begin from the top, the opening song called “At Candle Light” is a good choice to open the album with. Full production that I heard by the very first riff is on a higher level. Through the entire song I thought somehow that a whole orchestra is with the band, so these guys truly know how to play their instruments properly and make magic out of them.

Going further I must give attention to the song “The Dove and the Serpent”. First, it’s interesting name and second, the singer Stefano Nusperli is giving his special mark to the entire song. In every other song we can conclude that he has a voice that beautifully fits for power and progressive metal. If he would scream more I would be thankful, because that’s how we can see what he is capable of even better. I think he doesn’t use his full potential. Don’t be afraid, just burst into flames!

I don’t know if that’s the production or maybe me, but in my head the choir (effect or real choir) itself is amazing. It fulfils the song even more. Melodies are rich and pompous throughout the album. Back vocals growling, shredding of guitars and synth effects are bringing on the atmosphere so much.

One little detail can maybe put down their confidence, but I have to say it. You sound too new. Vocals are just amazing, I stand behind that but sometimes pop parts can’t get out of my head. I understand years and personal taste and wheel of time but just sometimes you sound too modern and that’s it. There are not so much effects but I can hear it’s not just pure music. That can help you to fit in but also doesn’t have to help you if you want to be original.

I have nothing against new bands but this is definitely not my cup of tea. Progression is important and you are making it, but don’t exaggerate.

My favourite part and one of the reasons I took this band for review are their lyrics. The album doesn’t have a concept or a specific subject they are singing about but that is not a problem at all. Lyrics have a metaphysical meaning, as they said in one of the descriptions: “To help people to get through hard period of life”. Of course, it’s a paraphrase made by myself. “At Candle Light” is a metaphor for the light at end of the tunnel and “Moonlight Requiem” as a period of day that is worthy for overthinkers. Everything has shut down but a beautiful peace no one can buy.

I always thought that it is really important that the music teaches us. It’s not just for fun. Someone gave their soul and inner being to tell you something from the bottom of their heart. So, carefully give attention to the written part of the song.

Beriedir has a lot of potential and sparkle energy. To do something properly you need to love it, so for sure I know they love music. Little bit of originality among many will help them go forward, I know that. So, let’s give them a chance to show that.


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