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Label: Dunkelheit Proktionen

Date: July 25th, 2020

Bands like this one (and their fans) will probably call this sacrificing the divine human flesh on the blasphemous altars of diabolical ancestors. Me, I just call it sponging of the legacy.

Seven years old Colombian trio gives you their sophomore album “Miasmic Monstrosity”. As primitive as it gets, combining the primeval tendencies in black and death metal, Colombians gather an almost half an hour long mass of brutal sounds. Surely you are thinking what I’m thinking. Blasphemy, Von, Revenge, Bathory, Venom, early Possessed… Primordial soup of influences is summoned forth for another vomit upon the terrified believers. Oops… I’ve fallen for the rhetoric again. Back to the point…

But you got the point already. And the fact is that the fans of mentioned bands are already rushing to get hold of this album. The rest have already moved on to the next review. That is the basics of the genre. Love it or hate it. No third option. What can further be said is that Black Communion has a fragmental tendency to escape from the minimalist musical borderlines. That just might be the point where they would raise a potential extra eyebrow. There are moments on “Miasmic Monstrosity” where the Colombians use some of the more technical riffs. Now, don’t get me wrong, there is no supreme showmanship on the record, just a couple of fragments where the catchiness comes to the surface instead of pure and simple wrathful blasting. Fragments really, but they add to the charm a bit. Also notable is the production work which will allow the listener to actually catch a clear glimpse of what is on display. Not that the sound is overly polished, or plasticized in any way. It remains dirty enough, not to worry the fans of sonic roughness.

Other than that there is really nothing special about Black Communion’s new record. They have respected and honored every aspect that characterizes the genre. Themes, echoing vocals, brutality and even the imagery behind almost every album by their idols. Bestial war black / death metal in all its infernal glory. “Miasmic Monstrosity” is made by those infatuated with such music and pointed at like-minded individuals.

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