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Bombarder is one of the first speed/thrash metal bands in the former Yugoslavia. Formed in 1986 they released debut “Speed Kill” in 1989 on audio cassette, while their second album “Bez Milosti” was released in 1991 on vinyl and cassette. Up until now, it was almost impossible to get those albums, and even if you had a chance to get them, you had to give a decent amount of money. In February 2020, Serbian underground label Grom records finally made “Speed kill” and “Bez milosti” available on CD.
“Speed Kill” starts with a 30 seconds long intro with the sound of planes dropping bombs. Maybe the guys from the band were predicting an upcoming war in Yugoslavia? Next 33 minutes, Bombarder is bombarding us with merciless and raw speed metal, full of catchy riffs. It’s impossible to be still while listening to songs like “Kuga”, “Horde”, “Bombarder”… Every track is forcing an innocent listener to headbang. One of the trademarks of Bombarder are harsh vocals with a specific, narrative style of singing. On their debut, the band was highly influenced by bands such as Motorhead, Exciter, Bulldozer. Production is raw, primitive – just like it should be, if you ask me.


Two years later, in 1991, “Bez milosti” was born. Bombarder started developing their own sound and moved more into the speed/thrash realm. Songs are more aggressive, darker and more “evilish”. Just like on debut, “Bez milosti” has plenty of songs perfect for destroying listener’s neck. In my honest opinion, this album is among the top 5 best metal albums coming from a former Yugoslavia. Production is a little bit more polished than its predecessor.

“Speed kill” and “Bez milosti” are true gems of Eastern European metal and every honest metal collector should get them. Both albums are limited to 450 hand-numbered copies + 50 die hard copies in special packages containing a pin, patch, sticker, a special bag to house the CDs in DVD casing and even Bombarder brandy. Grab them before it’s too late! This is an absolute cult!


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