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Label: Awakening Music 

Date: August 26th, 2022

Time to visit Mexico has come. It’ll be the first, but surely not the last time, by the way. The only important reason here is of course the huge number of bands who play interesting music in this large country. And this is both about cult and legendary and young ones. Cathartic belongs to this second “category”. They were born in the year 2019 in 7th largest city of Mexico. Well, I could write here something about history and soon of Guadalajara, but I won’t do it – that’s no place for it here! If someone is interested in such stuff, then they can find all kinds of information on the net as well. By the way, as you perhaps suppose, “Through…” is the debut album of Jalisco’s capital city residents. They have some singles and even EP, too.     

Anyways, I somehow feel you would like to get to know what two Jimmies, Erickand Angel play? Well, the answer is as easy as pie and surprises anyone, I guess. This is of course death metal we have to do with. Why “of course”? Well, I recognize during all these years ensembles from Mexico and in general Central America play just this subgenre of metal the most often. But since this term is quite or even very general and we all know there’s many ways to play this sub-genre of our beloved music, then I need to precise that a little, doesn’t it? Yeah, this is definitely an old school one. Actually while listening to Mexicans’ debut I feel like I’d travel in time and land to the nineties. Music ismostly in the style which was born in Florida, but I can very easily hear also influences of Scandinavian, actually Swedish, even if I somehow hear a little touch of Norwegian ones like Cadaver or Old Funeral (I betrayed my rule to not name directly the bands, but I’m almost sure the most of you have no idea what I’m talking about on here, so I could do it with hope you’ll dig a little in search of their creativity), too, bands. Everything has this specific touch of Central America I just love. Anyways, all here is just like it should be in such music – broken, but not as much as in Dutch or even Austrian kind of playing death metal, middle-fast tempo, enough dose of, let’s call it, brutal melody, variable drumming what also means some changes of tempo, pure death metal growling. When you listen to the album, you have the feeling that there aren’t some green horns who play in Cathartic and they probably play together longer than only these four years. And that’s right! This band is in some way a continuation of an older one called Iron Force. So musicians are experienced enough to play on a high level and create interesting music as well. By the way, the fact Iron Force mixed death and thrash metal has some kind of bearing on Cathartic’s creativity (I mean guitars first of all).     

Well, in short I say I like this full-length very much. Actually the more times I listen to this album the more I like and appreciate it! And I’m pretty sure all fans of old school death metal, and I know there’s many of them, will have the same experience with “Throughthe Abysmal Gates of Subconscious” like mine. The second fact I like very much is released by Awakening Records on CD. So not only music is old school on here, but even a format. Limitation is one thousand copies, so you should hurry up to get your copy, even if my experience with releasing Mortis Dei 3 CD digipack shows it can take quite or even a very long time before the label will sell the whole edition.     

Oh… I think I forgot to write something that is important to mention, at least from, let’s use the “smart word”, journalistic point of view. This thing is about the number of tracks and how much time they take. So, we have nine songs, the last one is instrumental, to be the debut full-length of Guadalajara residents. They take almost thirty six minutes. Amen!

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