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Label: Coyote Records

Date: November 20th, 2023

So, for the last stage of trip to South America, but not at all the last one of our vuelta a Latin America, we’ll visit the country one of my favorite bands ever coming from. But since this legendary as for me, found 1988 ensemble recorded their last studio album (“Brutal Agre666ion”) 2014, then my choice is a young band coming from city of Pasto, actually San Juan de Pasto as its names officially. Anyways, this is not too huge, as on Colombian conditions, one and there live something like maybe an half million people. It has an interesting and quite long history and present as well. It is also fast,and this is the only thing we’re interested in here, quite a big and strong Metal scene with several good bands. And Denial of Existence is definitely one of them.

Of course “Carroñero…” is the debut full-length of Colombians. Well, that’s actually their first stuff ever. It contains nine tracks which take twenty seven minutes and forty four seconds. So as you can deduce music is concrete and with no baloney. I mean, there’s no place in this creativity for some kind of long display or stuff like that. Only pure brutality is what guys care about, pure, but for sure not blind! That’s why the structure of every entire track isn’t too complicated. Well, I’m sure there are people who’d say this is too easy and one song is very similar to another one and in general this is only a cliche of some American bands. But I never agree with such an opinion! I mean, this is clear as a day guys discover anything new in the field of death metal. That’s also true that residents of San Juan de Pesto derive full hands from the creativity of older bands (not only American ones, by the way), but at the same time I can feel something that I’d call their stamp in this music. Anyways, the fact this is from a to z brutal as hell creativity doesn’t mean at all you’ll not find interesting touches here, interesting from a technical point of view. Riffs are of course sharp and broken just like it should be in such creativity. Sometimes that’s probably not too easy to notice, especially if you’re not listening carefully, but it happens quite a lot in this music. This is about both guitars and drums. Of course you can say you already heard everything what our friends from Pasto present us. Well, that’s right in some way, there’s nothing original here. I mean, Colombians discover anything new, don’t create anything what changes the genre. But in my opinion that’s a plus. Guys even don’t try to do it and this is a good thing. They play mostly in middle-fast or even very fast tempos and aren’t interesting in some displays and so on. Technique skills serve to brutality. Actually, to make it a little easier for you to get to know what to expect, I hear quite huge influences of some Colombian ensemble who was  founded in 1994 under the name Suffer in Pereira.

Well, to sum up this review and write it as short as possible, I recommend Denial of Existence to all fans of brutal death metal with  a lot of elements of grindcore! I’m sure all of them will like this full-length very much. Others who listen to such creativity only from time to time and in general about other sub-genres of our  beloved music will maybe not too often go back to “Carroñero…”, but they definitely should check it out in my opinion. Anyways, even these second ones can do it without any problem or even cost. Why? That’s like that because guys released their debut album independently online. I found it on the oldest portal with music, videos and so on. But I’m quite sure you can find it on other ones, too. So it doesn’t matter that it was quite a long time ago – 30th June last year. Well, I hope, and actually am sure of that, there should be somewhere a label interested in releasing the stuff on CD, tape or vinyl (or even all of them) to give fun to collectors of physical copies.

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