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Label: Orleone Records

Date: November 20th, 2020

I’m going to abuse the space for this review and turn it into a short article about the status of the world we hold so dear. There are a couple of reasons for such a decision. First of all, Escalpo brings along quite familiar music that doesn’t need an elaborate description. I guess you all know what a combination of death metal, punk, hardcore and d-beat sounds like. We’ve all heard it many times before. If, by any chance, you haven’t, then here’s the perfect example. Track it down, push “play” and you will soon figure it out.

The second reason why I will not delve deeper into reviewing “Retrocedendo” is the mere fact that there is a message to be heard and spread on it. A message that surpasses the musical spectrum, even if it comes in unison with what rock ‘n’ roll in general should stand for. A restless and relentless fight against all types of authority.

Now, I’m sure most of you are, at least roughly, informed about the situation in the country of “order and progress”. A country deeply divided in factions so opposite they almost fail to spot each other. We’re all familiar with favelas, insane corruption among the political supremacists and ever-increasing crime rates. Not to mention the environmental disasters happening on a daily basis. I mean, you do not protest the Olympics happening in your country without a pretty good reason for it. This quartet of experienced musicians is rightfully pissed off, which is quite obvious from these three tracks, lasting just under ten minutes. Music and lyrics included, this is a wrathful expression of anger towards the status of your regular Brazilian citizen.

Most of the outside world is fairly outraged about the above mentioned facts. However, to put it mildly, there’s absolutely nothing anybody is doing to actually make some sort of a difference. To most of us, Brazil is a country far, far away. Doesn’t concern us all that much, right? Unless it is the Amazon rain forests. But even then, it all comes down to posts on Facebook. Big, bad, social justice warriors. It is much easier to order stuff from Amazon than to actually try and do something about the fires surrounding the actual river.

On the other hand, have you ever heard a politician, whatever his of hers nationality may be, address the issues of Brazil in any of his or hers speeches? It’s not like the leading economical giants have trouble stating opinions about leaderships in many other countries. My own country being yet another example of outside interference. Still, when it comes to Brazilian dictatorship, none will defy. Ever wondered why is that? Except for the cheap opportunity to exploit the seemingly inexhaustible natural riches of Brazil, the system by which it is governed is a perfect example of how most of the world leadership wants to set up their own domains. Turn the majority of us into mindless robots, slaving away most of our days to generate even more profit for those who have much more than enough, while providing a non-thought-provoking entertainment for our spare time. You know, asses flashing on a carnival evening and football, among others. All the while, schools serve to teach us that money is God, so that we are more than willing to keep slaving away, clinging to hope that someday we will be rich and famous as the ones they set up as our role models.

So, is any of us so far away from Brazil? Or is the proverbial Brazil out to get us all? Hence, this EP could’ve easily been written in English instead of Portuguese. All of these topics have already gone global. “Retrocedendo” is a call to rebel. Escalpo is screaming in your face to move your lazy ass.

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