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Date: September 20th, 2021

Label: Independent

I am always suspicious and a bit nervous when it comes to reviewing a band yet unknown to me. Here, I am facing the band I literally have no idea how to even pronounce the name, not to mention the rest: album title, song titles… Curious as I am, first I will use some dictionary to discover what the band name means at least. The only touch with Finnish language I had was years ago when a friend for unknown reason brought me English translation of “Metal Bibel”.

The band name, (in English whoremonger) and the album title “Ikuinen Kamppailu” (eternal struggle) instantly caught my attention. Eight songs, all written in mother language. Although I got the original CD and have lyrics, it simply does not mean anything to me, because, if I would retype the lyrics and put it in any translator, it would take me whole eternity to even start this review, so my field of interest will be song titles and the music and vocal performance I will try to catch the sense of it.

The band comes from Finland, Nokia, and they have been on the scene since 2008, still, this is their first album. They have 6 demos, three EPs and one compilation behind.

“Ikuinen Kamppailu” at first, even before you listen to it, will draw your attention with its art cover. Musically, in one word, this is a chaotic album. It is aggressive, brutal, it is raw, primitive (not in offensive way), cacophonous enough, violent, wild, bestial… Death grind. Simply, it is not for everyone’s taste, but for the genre lovers, this might be the album of the year.

Deep brutal voice, raw production, technical perfection slaps in your face. All in eight songs and 32 minutes.

The first song “Voima on oikeutta” opened with a bell chime and horn, a kind of violent struggle. The intro goes in black metal direction but soon the whole atmosphere and energy changes. As I might mention, the whole album sound goes in the direction of grind death bands of late 80’s and early 90’s. And you will discover it as soon as Finns start punching your face. “Rauta-aika” is a more brutal, super fast song that leads to an even more brutal “Kutsu pimeydestä”. If the translation is correct (an invitation from darkness), yes it has to be brutal. Here I regret I have no lyrics translation because for sure the whole impression about the album would go one step higher.

“Valkyriain hylkäämä” is a bit slower, but just in the beginning, If you though guys will slow down, you are damn wrong. Guitars are just insane. Ylijoki simply dominates with guitar technique. Not just in this song but the whole album.

“Verikaste” again begins in slow pace and energy soon transforms along with the evil laughter to furious roars. The rest of the album with no exception is as it should be: uncompromising, brutal, chaotic and furious. 

“Antropomorfia” with brutal vocals incorporated with insane guitar riffing and out of space drumming, brings madness to its limits. Now, for sure I can say this is my favorite. In “Kuvainraastaja” it seems drums dominate, but my overall impression is that guitars are the holders of the album. “Kuolinnaamio” closes the realm of madness in a bit “slower” pace, but still chaotic enough.

If you have not heard yet Finnish death metal Barbarians, do it now! 

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