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Label: Anthrazit Records/Wolfmond Production

Date: April 29th, 2020

From the very first moment, my experience with Idolos is under the veil of mystery. Honestly, I had no idea what to expect. After I opened the booklet and started reading I was more interested. Idolos are mysterious blue blooded beings from outer space at the origin of all civilizations. Elite of distant times. Descendants from Atlantis coming from Venus. If I continue to copy the booklet, than this wouldn’t be a review at all, so let’s start with right away.

Album contains 4 songs, or better to say chapters. I wanted to know what Ahi Cab means, and I have found the next explanation: at the beginning/genesis of the world. The language still remains a mystery for me.

I am sure there will be some people who will say the whole concept is bullshit, some will be delighted, someone just would not care. I am open minded, and I just knew this album will not leave me indifferent.

Listening carefully and reading lyrics, we can easily conclude the album has something with Mayan civilization and their connection with extraterrestrials. I have to dig deeper, this is in my blood, so further investigation led me to the fact that lyrics are actually focused on Kʼicheʼ people. Digging a bit deeper, I have found out that they are actually part of Mayans civilization. Kʼicheʼ means many trees, and I have immediately connected that fact with the song “The Maiden and the Tree”.

The album concept is inspired by Popol Vuh (the book of events), one of the most significant surviving Mesoamerican literary documents. This sacred text, among others, has been used in religious and spiritual ceremonies, so I believe “Prologue” has something with that. At least, it sounds that way.

After “Prologue” spoken in Spanish, we have some action. “The Deeds Above” brings some really infectious riffs that you will remember for sure.

This is basically Black Metal, with well incorporated atmospheric elements, a mid paced album, with around six minutes long songs, interesting enough, so it will keep your attention. Production for me is acceptable, because Black Metal needs to be raw. Let’s say that the song that fits to that rawness the best is “The Summoning”.

Slight twist and we are sailing to the Doom metal waters in “The Maiden and the Tree”. Growl vocals from the depths of underground world made a great impression on me. The last song, actually is the bonus song that you can find only on Wormhold Production release.

“Ahi Cab” is solid debut album. Original as it can be. Mysterious. Ambitious. It gives some space for story development in the band’s future.

And shush! The band is actually from France. Bit disappointed. With a great story behind, they could hide that information. and develop the great mystery of modern times. Nobody is perfect I guess.

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