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Label: Black Lion Records

Date: April 16th, 2021

Going through the history of the brave new world you can see a lot of wars, not between armies only but between beliefs, Gods and principals. Religion of one single God or Christianity took the first prize of the true one… But wars didn’t stop with monotheistic idea. It’s still going wild in cosmos. Everywhere we look is creation of God… But which one, it’s on us to decide. If we look deeply in our traditions, we are surprised that even after thousands of years, old religion is still here to remind us who we are and where we belong. So, even though Armenia has a lot of Christian history behind, beyond that, Haldi still holds his divine crown and Ildaruni explained us how.

As a person who listens to black metal for a long time I was a little bit bored with simple groove this genre is known for. That’s why, in magical world of music, there should be a lot of bands like this to spice things up.

Ah, traditional music with black metal with a subject of paganism and occultism, that’s more than a perfect masterpiece. “Beyond Unseen Gateways” is leading us, through its lyrics, to the roots of old Armenian religion and old kingdom of Urartu.

From the beginning I didn’t think it was pure black. Once I’ve heard a flute it reminded me of some good folk metal, something like Arkona’s “Od serdca k nebu” and bought my attention at once. Mystic but again beautiful start. Going through the entire album, specially the second song, I was pleasantly surprised with strong intro which leads us further through the ancient kingdom. I got the same feeling like when I listen to Rotting Christ. War, pagan atmosphere which is rising in my guts mixed with high scream vocals. It’s one real call to battle.

Simply, you can’t be bored listening this. Blast of drums in every song gives one special dimension, not even one part has the same riff of guitars or other instruments and that’s exactly enough to show to the audience that they are talented music magicians. Breaks in “Exalted Birth”, “Towards Subterranean Realms” or “Whence Ravenstone Beckons” are lifting corpses from the ashes, if you get my point.

Traditional parts are not that common. It’s authentic, first fact, the Armenian folk sound which is pretty new for me and the interpretation of it is interesting. Not totally folk but also not so aggressive. It’s just right. Some parts of “Treading the Path of Cryptic Wisdom” are stuck in my head from the first listening. Trust me, listen to it, you won’t regret it.

I know I’ve mentioned in a few lines about the theme this genre is singing about but let’s see specially Ildaruni. This album is made in honour of two main Gods in Urartian (old Armenian) pantheon. It’s Khaldi, supreme and God of war, and Shivini, the God of solar system. Shivini’s torch is the Sun which gives life to us all and by believing in its power they keep Him alive. That’s their obligation as the children of this world.

The album is keeping memory and importance of ancient world, it brings winds of the past and glory of the ancestors. That’s one lesson for other nations how to love and respect their motherland. Can’t wait to see some music videos. I think every song from this album deserves it.

Keep bringing us magic in black metal and never forget (all) father Khaldi. He is still watching.

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