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Label: Osmose Productions

Date: May 28th, 2021

They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. Perhaps it is true when it comes to books, but I can clearly hear the cover of “Eight Headed Serpent”. Hell, it takes just a glimpse of the half-hidden logo in the background and I know exactly what’s in store for me today.

I know very well I will not be shaking hands with any gods today. Just over half an hour test run of pure hell awaits me. There are demons running amok, sexual debauchery whichever way you look, vomit and piss covered floorboards, excrements being tossed around… I will be stepping over decaying torsos being defiled by the burnt remnants of what are poor excuses for human beings. And that smell of Sulphur mixing with all of the above. Looking up, there is the horned one having his way with the immaculate pregnant lady while the unborn is…

Well, I’m going to stop here because my imagination is running way too wild.

In any case, just read the lyrics to “The Nonconformists” and the manifest of Impaled Nazarene will burn your eyes like a neon sign for an infernal striptease joint.

A bit of an unexpected surprise awaits in the closing, five minute long, “Foucault Pendulum”. A breather when you least expect it, but still a song I can relate to Impaled Nazarene.

So, should you go ahead and break all of the commandments at once for the thirteenth time with “Eight Headed Serpent”? Well, yes, of course you should! If you’re sick and tired of the quasi-intellectual, highly sophisticated excuse for black metal and wish for a savagery unimagined, you can always count on Impaled Nazarene to put things back to where they belong.

No bullshit, no philosophy, no fairy tales. Just insult after insult, straight into the scourged face of the thorn-crowned one. Whores and maniacs, I present you Impaled Nazarene!


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