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Label: Revalve Records

Date: October 9th, 2020

Don’t know why, but the first time when I saw the name of the band and cover, I thought it’s some kind of black/death metal inspired by occultism. But as they say, “don’t judge a book by its cover” – Ion Of Chios has nothing in common with extreme metal. This six-piece act comes from Florence (Italy) and plays progressive rock/metal. They were formed in 2008 and “_reHUManize_” is their debut album.

The band already shows its brilliant musical talent in the opener “Killjoy” that has changes in rhythm and style but is able to sound consistent. Basically, that’s what can you expect from this record: complex arrangements, atmosphere, and technical showmanship without losing melody or catchiness – everything is presented here in full glory. Vocals are not “my cup of tea” but they fit quite decently into the music. Besides that, I have no objections. The instrumentation is outstanding in general, but I guess this is something that should be expected from a band that chooses to play this kind of music. The overall mix is crystal clear with each instrument and detail having enough room to breathe. Oh yes, and I also like the fact that the album has “perfect” length – 40 minutes is just enough time for the band to show its potential.

“_reHUManize_” is an interesting album that offers a lot and I’m pretty sure that die-hard fans of progressive rock/metal will enjoy this record.

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