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Label: Self released

Date: November 11th, 2020

As these guys have hired a PR agency to spread the word around, I take it they are quite serious about what they do. Though it is hard for me to process such information considering the moniker they have chosen for themselves. And the pseudonyms chosen by individual members. And the mutilated cover artwork. And the mumbo-jumbo of the lyrics for “2+2=3”. Never mind the obvious abuse of various substances. One would expect that from a stoner doom band. One would also assume a level of sobriety during creation.

Sobriety might be there, but seriousness… Well, there might be some of that as well.

So, the debut album by Croatian stoners is out and about (for some time now) and what it offers is… Nothing all that spectacular. Just your basic mixture of Black Sabbath from the golden era (yes, the Ozzy years) and psychedelic rock. “Heads & Spirits” is, by all standards, for the lack of a better word, standard.

The record is slowly airing out the bong in your general direction. It tastes of that mind-numbing, perfect ganja texture combined with cheap brandy, all left festering overnight in your burned intestines and now slowly oozing out your breath.

“Heads & Spirits” is one forty minutes long joint packed with fine company and quite decent music. Yes, I’m calling it decent, as there is no big fault within the record. Instrumentation is textbook stoned doom metal. The voice is powerful and displays a mighty range of performance.

The only thing that bothers me, and will surely bother most listeners, is the fact that we’ve all heard this type of music many times. There is absolutely nothing on the album that will show some personal touch. Even slightest. Okay, Lord Drunkalot is a debutant, but with an attitude such as described in my opening lines, I cannot see it going places.

Now, I can suggest a listening session to those infatuated to the core by such soundscapes. It could easily happen that they can swallow it more easily. Me, I’m way too critical to give this record another shot. Try and convince me with the second one.

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