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Label: Art Gates Records

Date: October 23rd, 2020

We, Europeans, have always considered Europe and America as metal continents. Whatever comes from other continents we detect as exotic. One of those “exotic” bands for sure is Melodius Deite. The band originates from Bangkok, Thailand. Since two of five band members are from Spain and Japan, I prefer to say they are international band.

The new album “Elysium” brought some serious personal changes to Melodius Deite. Diego Zapatero comes from Spain and he is well known as keyboard and piano player in mostly progressive metal bands (Vhäldemar, Valkyria, Song of Anhubis, Rise To fall, Frequency, Iron Spawn, Lost In Thought, Rex Rekiem, Mercury Rex). Saton Tinnaluk replaced Bookkie P. Phanrath behind the drums, Chanin Shinken took a bass instead of Ohm S. Dejkong, and I saved the best for last (with no intent to offend anyone), Mr. Masahiro Yamaguchi (Yama-B), maybe the best known and worldwide recognized as Galneryus, Gunbridge and Rekion member. Metal veteran with multiple talents took a role as a lead singer in Melodious Deite in 2019. The only Melodious Deite constant remained Biggie P. Phanrath. 

“Elysium” is the fourth Melodious Deite album, and the first one under the Art Gates Records. Album contains eleven songs (two instrumentals “Destructive Chaos” and “Neo Utopia”; new version of “Novelist”, song from their debut album “Dream On” (2008, Avatarn Records) and bonus song “Various Seasons”). Melodious Deite delivers 45 minutes of quality music which is a product of five extraordinary musicians.

From the start “Destructive Chaos” brings some changes to the band’s sound. Refreshing! In that two minutes of chaos you can clearly recognize Necrophagist’s influence. And that is that refreshing change I mentioned. Through the album you will hear more extreme metal elements delivered through vocal and music interpretation of five highly skilled musicians. In addition to standard themes (mythology, fantasy), the band has expanded the range of lyrics (social topics). 

Starting from their first album, Melodius Deite is progressing. The band is hungry for perfection, constant improvement, searching for the success formula. Quality is on their side as well as experience, knowledge and many years ahead of them to enthrone on a metal pedestal.

They started as a power metal band and over the years they have expanded their field of interest incorporating progressive metal, classical music and extreme metal elements. I am curious to hear what the future will bring to Melodius Deite. Or, maybe better to say, what Melodius Deite will bring to the future of metal.

Describing this album in one sentence would be extremely hard, but let’s say if  Malmsteen’s neoclassical playing style and virtuosity, Jens Johansson’s high-speed neoclassical and fusion delivery and Necrophagist’s grinding collided, even than I would not be sure  if better album than “Elysium” could be delivered!

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