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Label: Pagan Records

Date: November 17th, 2021

First of all, I never would’ve thought this type of music could come out of Poland. It’s just not natural. Then again, what is natural in the global village of today? Not much, I suppose. Boundaries are lost and forgotten until all but good music disappears.

Second of all, I would never, not in a million years, think that Pagan Records would be in charge of putting out music like this. I mean, the label’s name suggests something much darker and sinister on their roster. And it usually is, but truth be told Mentor is not a brightly shining band with songs about joy and happiness for the whole world to enjoy.

Thus, congratulations to Pagan Records for the pick. And to Mentor for this psycho killer of a record. It is now the first day of November, the day after Halloween and this horror influenced metalcore record is the perfect pill for the morning after.

It’s interesting to note that this is the third full length album by these Poles and the third one with three words in its title. Funny thing, but this one and its predecessor had three words starting with the same letter. However, it seems like they couldn’t think of a third word starting with “G” for their debut. Like gore, grim reaper (okay, that would be four words), ghouls or such.

But never mind the mimicry. It all reeks of antique b-movie horrors which was the whole theme Mentor wanted to present. A success, no doubt.

Music, on the other hand, is most definitely not what you might expect to come with lyrical topics I’ve mentioned above. And you would never expect them to work together as they do. This is yet another success for Mentor. A mixture of influences from hardcore, punk, metal and primal rock n’ roll is most usually terribly ineffective and lacking composure and a uniting line. However, Mentor has a clear idea how to combine all of this and they’ve done a textbook job on it.

It’s like you have a combination of Agnostic Front, Madball, Exodus, Slayer, Entombed, Motorhead, DRI and Anthrax. Probably a couple more, as well. Deathpunk, death n’ roll, hardcore / punk, thrash, crossover and a hint of black n’ roll to spice it up. Absolutely confusing to think about it, but an immeasurable delight to listen to.

Seriously, if I just had to listen to it, without thinking about what drawer Mentor belongs to, I would be jumping around, banging my head throughout these twenty seven minutes. Which I’m likely to do anyway, as soon as I let go of the keyboard. My legs are restless already, doing what is probably the worst double bass pedal ever.

Anyway… This one is a definite keeper. Brimming with pulsating energy of ten thousand H-bombs, ready to blow your brains out. Oh, not to forget, there’s also a bunch of perfect choruses to sing along to. Mentor is capable of slowing down too, without losing a shred of power.

And there’s much more I could write about. But I cannot. Not anymore. The force is too strong to handle sitting down. Forgive me. There’s all sorts of creatures slowly creeping out of the dark corners of my mind. I’m out.


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