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Label: Babylon Doom Cult Records

Date: February 25th, 2022

It must be some sort of a providence that we are welcoming the new Meslamtaea record at the onset of yet another war. On European soil, nonetheless. As a firsthand witness of the last two similar conflicts on the old continent, I’ll tell you what it’s all about. It’s about a bunch of old geezers with tiny penises overcompensating by sending thousands of young and fertile men onto one another. To make matters worse, the size of the missiles used is in direct correlation with their ability to fire their own “missiles”.

And so we get to a situation that we are one push of a button away from ending up on the next Meslamtaea cover painting. It is saddening and enraging me, all at once. As does the front cover of each next Meslamtaea album. Will these Dutch musicians, along with the brilliant Maya Kurkhuli, end up being prophets to the impending doom of mankind?

Yet, with all the shades of gray (way more than just fifty) I can still observe color on the end of this work of art. The whole thing seems to be leading to a happier ending. Should we just “leave those kids alone”? Unfortunately, the reality seems to have a different idea for a closing segment of the evolution of an ape.

In the meantime, the paintings that adorn the music of Meslamtaea need to become an exhibit for the whole world to see. They are that exquisite! It would really be a pity if they were to get stuck in the world of underground black metal.

Also, I’m terribly sorry that I cannot put words to these images. The language used is not among those I comprehend, so I’m stuck with just audio and visual display, while the literary one is in utter darkness.

Never mind, these are just about enough, as they are both on the extremely high level and I can probably link the pieces together. What you read above is my comprehension. The rest is up to the band and those of you familiar with the band’s native language.

As for the music on this record, if I need to label it, it would be sophisticated, yet dissonant and progressive, chaotic black metal. If that even makes any sense. Then again, the world Meslamtaea are trying to present is senseless for the most part, so I guess it fits somehow.

Hear the introduction, “Weemoed”. Though it seems to translate to “Melancholy”, you can hear the children’s voices at playtime. There is peace and serenity about the track. I bet it would be a sunny day when one of these morons in power pushes the red button. And then there won’t be a day or night anymore, as portrayed in the rest of “Weemoedsklanken”. “Sounds of Melancholy” if anyone asks.

There will be weeping. Longing for the lost tranquility. Yearning for the colors dissolved. Winter in all its nuclear glory. Meslamtaea, just like the mentioned Maya Kurkhuli, paint the scenery perfectly. The melancholy, anguish, revenge of disturbed equilibrium of the elements, the survival of the fittest… Evolution, take two, starting from scratch.

Laden on the postulates of second wave black metal, with added atmospheric doom elements. Deathspell Omega meets Katatonia, in short. Illusive harmonies with transcendent melodic passages, crossed by the utmost wrath and shrieking (and otherwise) voice that wraps all of the mentioned feelings together. Work of art, encumbered in the artwork that just won’t let me be.

As for the pure musical majesty, “Schone lei” takes the victory. If there is ever such a thing as victory in ruined existence. But wait, there is a victory! Remember when I wrote about the color at the end of this gray? Yes, there is color! Within the negativity there is an optimistic line. There’s the grandfather taking his grandchild’s hand. The kid is not alone! There’s hope! There is a sane thought left within the insanity. A “clean slate”, as the song title suggests. Start over and do a better job, please! This one child is all that remains of a shattered reality, to lead a different continuum.

Meslamtaea is signaling. Providence needs to hear it. In the light of failing mankind, “Weemoedsklanken” has to go mainstream and fast! The world needs common sense. Here’s a taste of it! Mesmerizing work of art!


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