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Label: Transcending Obscurity Records

Date: November 6th, 2020

Well, this is just weird and freakishly disturbing… There’s a difference between music and random sound. While music is a series of sounds lined up into some sort of sequence, then the sound on its own cannot represent music. There’s even an entire genre dedicated to fusing random sounds randomly together. There is also a thing when you fuse distinct sounds with music and create a Frankenstein’s monster out of it. And it was proven many times that such a monster can come alive.

Mrtvi is none of the above. It’s like two, or even three different musical entities are recorded on the same channel, on top of one another. One of them plays some crude black metal. Another one is a kid with severe mental disorder playing with a theremin. The third one usually sits by the mixing board running the sliders up and down at will. Oh, and all of them are screaming like they are frightened to death. Or just plain berserk.

OK, I get the need to experiment. The above written is just a picture I got after spinning this album for a while. In reality, there is a shitload of instruments used on the record. However, Mrtvi constantly fails to create any kind of order. And I mean, really, no order whatsoever. Not even a slightest hint of an order. Just pure sonic chaos, where you cannot get a tight grasp on anything. The one thing that might connect all these tracks together is some sort of a concept used. Other than that, this is just a myriad of sounds are piled on top of one another, making for a wholly unnatural atmosphere. I would even call it pure noise if it wasn’t for a couple of fragments that do bear a black metal mark. This way the proper definition would probably be along the line of noisy black metal. Or simply noise, cloaked under a black metal cape.

Furthermore, this album lasts for over 55 minutes. For me, this is a torture, which might just be the goal for Mrtvi. Personally, I find “Omniscient Hallucinatory Delusion” an experiment gone way too far.

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