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Label: Self released

Date: February 24th, 2023

Since bands like Eldfaerd and Icestorm that I reviewed in the beginning of the year, I didn’t have many bands I liked and kept listening after writing the reviews. My specific choice or something else, I don’t know, didn’t keep many of them in my playlist. Going through the messages on our Abaddon Magazine mail address I made a game for choosing bands – the more Nordic-like name, better the music. So, I ran on Nattsjäl.

To be honest, I had no idea what I am dealing with but when I saw some information I was really satisfied I took this on my own. After listening, I felt even more satisfied. Nattsjäl is a project made in 2022 by some important gentlemen from the metal world. Jonas Almqvist and Pierre Wilhelmsson, who were also responsible for a band well known to fans of folk metal called Månegarm from Sweden, are also creators of this beautiful project. Their first full album’s name is “… Of Chaos Supreme”, so I am very inpatient to tell you what I heard and liked about this new great band.

Encyclopaedia Metallum says, for their genre, that it’s black / thrash metal, but I think it doesn’t even come close. Everyone who is interested in folk tales, atmospheric and folk metal are welcomed to listen to Nattsjäl. I am a bit subjective because they got one new fan, but I am sorry, I simply like this.

Epic start by the song “Valkyria” definitely convinced me to listen to this album carefully. Melodic and powerful, it definitely fits into the story of Valkyries. “… Of Chaos Supreme” has a conceptual side dedicated to transition to the world of the dead. That journey is long and scary and it must start with Valkyrie but how it ends Nattsjäl will tell. All three parts of the album have a story behind. After the first song it continues with “Part 1 (The Awakening)” and closes with “Part 3 (The Chaosweaver)”.

Every song sounds unique and has many elements included. Folk, black, Viking, melodic and that gives a powerful and epic remark to this album. Power metal vibe that gives melody in every song is excellent and it really keeps your attention from the start to the end. Those are some kinds of calls to war and we are gladly accepting them.

Something that caught my ear are different vocal techniques and thanks to those the album is interesting on many levels, especially in songs “A Viel of Sorrow” and “Höstmåne”. Next to this warrior heavy part, the specific forest sound effects and beautiful voice of Ms. Stina Jadelius Engelbrecht you can hear in the song “Höstmåne” and as a back vocal in other songs, give the impression that you are in some enchanted forest. Her surreal gentle voice calmed that Viking raise of adrenalin and gave the break of metal.

Every creative story that has war, Gods and magic mixed in one album or book must have a pretty cover design. This time Valkyrie with dead warriors who deserved to be welcomed to Valhalla is more than enough to catch your attention. In association with this story, as I said, it has a war subject. I mean, there is no completed good war story without Vikings or Mongols and their desire to be great historical figures. Those people were born to be part of something great. So, I assume there is some kind of talent to be great storytellers even in the metal world.

Amon Amarth, Týr, Wardruna, Månegarm and now Nattsjäl can be modern writers of history. All my recommendation for Nattsjäl and their future and previous work because I can smell there will be more in close future. With our swords in our hand, me as a shield maiden I am waiting for next call to Nattsjäl’s war!


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