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Label: Herrecords

Date: October 1st, 2023

And now the very first time, at least as I know and remember, a review of 3 way split will take place in Abaddon Magazine. Of course all bands who participate here are coming from South America. And allof them serve us a dose of dirty, unholy music that can be associated with InfernalCurse. The first one presents an intro and four songs (the last one is a cover ofsome Norwegian band). The ensemble is called Nekro Cvlt Desecration and comes from Argentina. By the way, there’s one more parallel between them and Infernal Curse actually. Once Gustavo played in N. C. D. Well, the fact is the band was founded 2013 in Venezuela, but due to changes in line-up and probably some other reasons (also economic ones, I guess) it seems the only original member moved to Argentina not too long ago. Anyways, place of origin is only, in my opinion, some kind of technical question and I think this is time to leave that topic. The most important thing is music and that’s why we met here, doesn’t it?

Their creativity is totally old school one. During the listening tosongs they put on this split I felt like I was back in the early nineties or evenin late eighties when I began my never ending adventure with extreme music. This is a good mixture of elements of black and thrash metal. So we have everything that’s characteristic for both of the mentioned genres. Of course I’m talking about the first wave of black metal, not this Norwegian one! These thrash influences are more about German school then any other one, I guess. Riffs are sharp and aggressive, but somehow also dirty. There’s something both from black and thrash in them, sometimes thrash dominates, sometimes black does it. Anyways, there really happens a lot in this creativity. I mean, both riffs and drumming are as variable as common concepts of music allow. Tempo is the same. Guys play from time to time in a mad one, but also know how to create some atmosphere. And this cover is just like I like the most. It’s not try to be just like the original song, but it’s their own version. Of course you can hear very easily what song this is.

Well, I probably could write even a little more about Nekro CvltDevastation, but in the same time I don’t wanna make this review to long and since two another hordes should be presented, then I‘ll leave them and concentrate on second in line Vulvacult. And here’s no doubt where they coming from the third most populous city of Argentina – Rosario. It was born in the year 2017 (I of course mean the band, not city itself – it was found 7th October 1799) and has released two demos, full-length “Creencias Siniestras de Afirmaciones Maldites” and two another splits with bands from South America.Anyways, on “South American Unholy Trinity” they show us their own three compositions. Music guys play is somehow similar to Infernal Curse. I mean first of all music style where they combine black and death metal with somesubtle touches of thrash as well. And since I’m quite a lazy ass, then just check out my review of “Revelations…” to get to know what music you should expect here. This is probably not the same extreme high quality here, but it doesn’t mean Vulvacult plays some crap. No, no, no! These three tracks are very good and really worth listening to at least a few times!

And as a last one participate on this 3 way split band who’s probably alegend in their country, because Thy Dominion was born in 1997. The fact is they were known as Dominion to 2002 and then had some breaks in existence. By the way, the country I’m talking about right now is the one which is located between Argentina and Brazil and its name is Uruguay. OK, but the only thing we’re interested in here is music, doesn’t it? Guys present four tracks taken from their second album “Cadaver Idolatry”. Well, actually this split was released a little earlier (October, the 1st ), so… Anyways, I saw someone described their creativity as death/black m  etal and even if riffs are more death then strict black ones (from, let’s call it, pure technical point of view) I’d disagree with that. In my opinion that’s even the opposite and it feels like black with huge death influences. This is more about the common atmosphere and hellish dirt emanating from every sound and vocal (and it doesn’t matter if this is growling or, what happens sporadically, clean singing), but it still dominates over the music itself, if you know what I mean. I’ll, of course, not name any band here to make it easier to compare. However, that’s definitely old school music there’s no place for some compromises! Tempo is variable, riffs broken, vocal mad and you listen to it with huge pleasure. It really happens a lot here and it’s impossible to be bored with that at all!     

And time to sum up this review has just come. Well, I’ll tell only one thing since this review is already too long in my opinion. Grab this release by Herrecords from Santa Fe CD! All ensembles who participate on this split are presenting very interesting music and are worthy of attention as well! And one more value is the fact that’s for most, probably even all, of us the very first contact with these bands.

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