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Label: Planet K Records

Date: November 10th, 2020

When one of the three band members, or better to say his appearance, screams: “Lemmy!” is there any way just to ignore the band and the album? My answer is no!

As expected, we are talking about a raw mix of punk and metal.

The band was formed in 2012 in Verese, Italy. In 2013 they already released the first EP simply titled “Overcharge”.”Accelerate”, the first album, was released the next year under the Unspeakable Axe, Dead Beat, and Hellforced Record. Six years later, Italian horde released the third album “Metal Punx”. Clearly, the band showed what their music is all about: speed metal and punk. The next one, “Speedsick” was released in 2016 (Metal Age Productions). “Electric Reaper” EP (Angry Voice Records, 2018) followed and in 2020…

Press the play button and… Hell yeah! As I predicted, Motörhead influences are obvious. Add a bit of Venom and you can realize what you are dealing with.

Lemmy never labeled his band as strict metal or strict punk, the same is with Overcharge. So looking from that perspective, metal-punk might be the great genre definition for the music Overcharge is serving to their fans. And metal part includes need for speed. The whole philosophy behind the album is: riff after riff, simplicity, limited melody, pounding drums, pure energy, fast and furious rhythm, noise, razor sharp lyrics with no hidden messages.

Nine songs are well packed in around 33 minutes, followed by the video for “Black Diesel Breath-Hardcore Worldwide” that was released in February 2020.

Interesting fact: there are three skulls on all three album covers. From very bright to black and white, I hope by the same analogy, the band will not calm the sound.

Besides drumming, rasp vocal stands out. The bass could play a stronger role in this story, otherwise I have no objections.

Raw and simple as it is, with an attitude, Overcharge is one of those bands metal scene needs more. Maybe Overcharge’s advantage is just that: there are not many bands like this on the scene. If you are sick and tired of an epic albums, harmonies and long solos, than, this is the right choice for you.



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