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Label: Nuclear Blast Records

Date: November 19th, 2021

What would you say if we’d come back to sunny California for a while? Well, I’ll do it anyway. But we won’t visit Los Angeles or San Francisco. Anyways, to be honest the only thing you can do if you don’t agree on this trip on western harbor of the States is not reading this review anymore. But if I should be honest it’d not be too smart of a solution for you! And that’s absolutely not about the fact that’s me who writes this. In my opinion that’s even contrary actually. I mean, I have huge good luck with the stuff I’m reviewing for Abaddon. But let’s start from the beginning maybe.

As at least some of you already know, Pathology is coming from the largest city which is located near the border with Mexico. This is also second the most populous one in California after Los Angeles. So there’s nothing strange in the fact that many metalheads are living over there. As I know the scene in the city isn\t little and has its quality. But the same as in the case of L.A. It\s in the deep shadow of San Francisco. I mean, bands from San Diego aren’t well known to everyone. But I think real fans of death metal heard at least one album of Pathology. Anyways, I somehow guess their number is rather modest. And this is what should change immediately in my opinion!

On “The Everlasting Plague”, which’s guys’ eleventh album, you’ll find twelve songs of brutal death metal. Well, I’d also add on here the adjective technical because technique on a huge level is an integral part of this music. It’s the best hearable in guitar’s line. Riffs are broken and Dan quite often serves us several guitar tricks. Of course it takes all instruments as well, so you can hear this even in Dave’s drumming and Ricky’s bassing, even if this last one is, as it often happens, is quite hard to hear. I mean, it necessitates some kind of experience in listening to such stuff and quite a good ear to music. But the most important thing for our Metal brothers from south California (actually from the south of the USA’s part of California) is still brutality and technique is only the way to reach a goal. Of course it makes music more interesting, at least for me, when something happens there and this isn’t only as fast as possible buggering. I think vocal is also a very important thing here and what makes a serious difference. Obie presents growling as well.and that’s the all time stricte death metal one for sure. But this is also variable as well. I mean, it’s adjusted to the music, emphasizing its brutality. It of course takes both faster and a little slower parts.

By the way, you’ll surely find some more well-known bands like the one coming from Geenville in South Carolina or the one from Glens Falls, New York who play similar music like Pathology or maybe Pathology play like them. But the main association is the ensemble of the same city. Unfortunately they’re on hold and the last album was released in 2005 – “Parallels of Infinite Torture”. The reason why you can find quite huge similarity between those two bands is not only in fact both play the same sub-genre of Metal, but it’s about place of origin, too. I can hear the same spirit here. It’s something impossible to explain actually. But the truth is that bands from California sound a little differently than the ones who’re coming from New York, Illinois, Texas, South Carolina or every other state. Well, to be honest I can hear the difference between San Diego and, for example, Sacramento.

So… Should I add something more to this review to make you wanna have this CD? Well, I actually deeply doubt I should do something like that. I guess my writing convinced those of you who haven’t it yet in your collection to get “The Everlasting…” as quickly as possible and enjoy it just like I’m doing. I guarantee you’ll fall in love with this stuff! Especially if you like this kind of death metal which’s quintessence of the genre in my opinion.

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