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Label: Debemur Morti Productions

Date: April 21st, 2023

Let’s move on our metal trip a little to the north-east and leave France. The major  city of Wallonia (Belgium’s region where people speak French) is Liege. City has a very long and interesting history and is the cultural, scientist and so on center of the region. But there’s no place to write about it, I guess. If you’re interested in such stuff, then you’re only one or maybe two clicks from checking out this. I’ll do it surely, but somewhere in the future. By the way, there lives something like two hundred thousand people, so this is as clear as a sun. Some of them are metalheads. Next, as clear as a day’s thing is, some of us don’t wanna only listen to our beloved music, but also create something of our own on this field. Of course there’s many bands in Liege as well, but at the moment we’ll focus on the one created in 2004. Actually I’ll talk about their newest EP released April 21st by Debemur Morti Productions.

“Defeat of the Nemesis” is the seventh release in their career. It contains five compositions of music guys describe with the term technical death metal. And well, this is a very accurate term in my opinion. As we who listen to Metal several years or even decades ensembles coming from entire single countries play in a little different and specific way. The same is of course with Belgium and that’s some complete confusion if someone thinks all groups from Benelux play in a similar way. I have never had a problem to hear if the respective band is coming from Holland, Belgium or, even if in a little less grade, Luxembourg. Belgian way of playing such, but not only, music is closer to German then Dutch school. Differences are in details (by the way, I still can’t understand why the hell Swedish speak about little details; you know, details are small from its nature), but since devil is in the details then it’s as clear as a sun they’re very important and make quite huge difference, doesn’t it? But in this case I somehow connect it mostly with old Austrian bands, especially the ones whose debut album was “Expositionprophilaxe” (it’s not exactly about the similarity of what they play, but…), “For God Your Soul… For Me Your Flesh” or “Changes”, even if connotations with some American or German ensembles are also quite strong. So I tell you in short, the creativity of our five friends (only twin brothers Gustin, Adrien and Philippe, who played in several bands as well, are original members) of Liege is brutal and twisted as hell. Yeah, you can even feel this is a little cacophonous what you listen to, especially the first time(s). Riffs are not only twisted, but also in the most quite short and broken. They also change unexpectedly and guitar tricks happen, at least ostensibly, suddenly. The same is about drums and bass as well! Well, but I won’t analyze it too deeply. Reason is very easy: this review would take something like three or four A4 pages if I did it. And it’d mean it was too boring no one will read it to the end.

I know I probably, actually am pretty sure of that, shouldn’t write words like that, but this EP isn’t for everyone. You just must be totally fucked in your head just like me or, judge after their creativity, Philippe, Adrien, Jerome, Valery and Poncho to not only appreciate from pure technical point of view, but enjoy this music, to become slave of these sounds! Personally I love it more and more with every listen. So don’t wait even one moment more and grab this vinyl! Anyways, this ensemble is one more proof that the metal scene is huge, still strong as hell and full of great bands who are something fresh and discoveries even for people my age. That’s as clear as a sun talking about the slow death of the metal scene, things like “bands created after 2000 have nothing to offer and are only more or less copies of the ones from nineties” is one big bullshit and evidence you’re becoming old! Unfortunately I just ended up writing a review of “Defeat of the Nemesis” (by the way, you can very easily deduce what their lyrics are about when you take a look at cover art), so I have no excuse to listen to it once again and once again. Hopefully the next stuff I’ll write about will be on the same level as “Defeat…”! 

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