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Label: Self-Release

Release date: October 15th, 2021

What did Corona bring to us? Nothing good. We all faced the fear of the unknown in the first place. No matter how much we tried to ignore the situation and continue with our lives, Corona has left deep scars on some of us. Rage In My Eyes was separated. So this EP is a product of their hard work. Working individually, in the end, they made a rock solid group work. Besides being separated and working under the unusual routine, some of the band members faced with loss of their loved ones. As they say:

“We like to think of this EP as a way to say farewell to our dear loved ones and as a spiral of emotions that keeps coming and going.”

Rage In My Eyes are a highly respected band in the metal community. Coming from, in my personal opinion, the country of the most passionate metal fans, the band has a huge base of fans of traditional heavy metal. Over the years, their style was changing, but the core of their music is good old heavy metal. For those who are not familiar with their work, the band was formed as Scelerata in Porto Alegre, Brazil. No matter if we are talking about Scelerata or Rage In My Eyes, one is sure. Their music has so many layers. Scelerata was more power / heavy metal with progressive elements, while RIME delivered more thrash elements and what might be their trademark is experimenting with Milonga.

After their latest album “Ice Cell” (2019), EP “Spiral” will be released  on October 15th, 2021. Spiral has so many definitions in mathematics, nature, art… EP “Spiral”, as any other spiral has its curves, but here they are focused on emotions. RIME depicts their emotions through each letter, word, verse, note…  “Spiral” is a vortex of emotions. While “Farewell” is as I may say ballad (ish) intro in which instruments speak more than thousands of words, “And Then Came The Storm” naturally follows it in the same pace but very soon the energy transforms following emotions, I would say from grief to rage. Chosen as the first single, this is pure power metal piece. “Dare to Defy” bought me with vocal interpretation of:

“We are strong
We’re ready to fight
These years of mistreatment will be charged
Am I wrong?”

Thunderous drumming and blistering guitars are well incorporated and tempo changes are perfectly fitted. Dare to defy me!

“Spark of Hope” is a ballad that includes Milonga elements, maybe some of you would hardly digest accordion since it is not a typical metal instrument but give it a chance. Also, the band includes Portuguese lyrics which emphasize emotions. “Spiral Seasons” is a mid tempo song left for the end of this spiral of emotions, vortex of different styles, the richness of diversity.

No matter if we are on a power metal battlefield, joined forces with progressive, heavy and Milonga elements, one is sure: grief is the key word, initiating, leading emotion which completes this spiral. 

“Then came the storm, all suddenly
And it took you away from me
Then came the storm to paint it all in grey
Then suddenly you had to go
Say goodbye to this world
That fell apart now that you’re gone
Now you live in my heart
You will never die!”

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