Friday, March 1, 2024
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Label: Planet K Records

Date: May 1st, 2021

If anybody is wondering why I’m repeatedly taking on a genre I don’t like, here’s an answer. Challenging myself, for one. I want to see if there’s a way for me to write about stuff I’m not all that familiar with. Another thing is that I’m trying to look within and find out why is stoner rock / metal such a wide spread phenomenon. There must be something I’m missing there.

And it’s not that I’ve discovered the essence of the genre on “Cataclysm”. But I do like this record. Likely because Rift Giant delivers the strength and power that is often watered down on similar releases. These Danes step real hard and their music has a firm footing. Made out of concrete, on solid ground, instead of muddy fields of dewy marshes.

More so, I wouldn’t even call this a stoner metal album, as it calls upon a hallucinogenic aids. There are more than enough of psychedelic moments on “Cataclysm”, yet somehow they are laid on top of the mentioned rock hard basis that keeps you from wobbling around.

Nor would I call it sludge, even if it is apparent in many guitar parts that Rift Giant strives for dissonance wherever necessary. Once again, the whole impact of the record is one of colossal strength.

All that being said, the duo keeps the genre patterns, but obviously doesn’t take it as the one and only possible road to musical fulfillment. Whether that is something rarely (if ever) achieved is not something I can tell you. As mentioned, I’m not all that versed in the genre. What I can say is that, unlike most of their colleagues, Rift Giant managed to move me.

Now, “Cataclysm” is not likely to have me glued to this style, or the band itself. Simply, I did not find too many catchy parts on here that will make me whistle these tunes for days on end. That’s the only downside to the record I could mention.

It is better than your regular “spin it once and leave it alone” type of albums. For an occasional listening session, when you feel like it, it is as good as it gets. For a deeper impact we will all have to wait for the third album.

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