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Label: Grimm Distribution

Date: August 8th, 2020

Please note, right from the start, that this quartet moved away from Siberia, so the band name is more nostalgic than anything else. Still, I would like to know what’s the story behind the introductory track to this album. Titled “Aktilirauw”, I want it to be some native Siberian folk chant. I won’t mind if it’s not, but it would surely make for a conversation starter.

The other thing I noticed is that the debut EP by Sibireal, published almost four years ago, contains two tracks that are also present on “Blood Color Sky” and even a similar cover artwork. Though this time the picture that goes along is a bit further advanced. Artistically, of course.

However, labeling Sibireal as black / thrash metal is basically wrong. Thrash traces are evident, though they stem from the more modern way of performing thrash metal. Black metal also appears as a subsidiary to what is actually being played here.

I would much rather name this modern metal. That way I can include all the ingredients that were used to create “Blood Color Sky”. The record itself is fairly atmospheric. Moreover, the said atmosphere reminds me mostly of modern day US deathcore bands. To further explain, I find it to be a wrathful scream much more than an actual thought through hatred, spilled into just over half an hour.

Now you may think that this is quite a weird description. Well, trust me, this is a weird album and I’m struggling to find appropriate words. Okay, if you take the blackened thrash as a target these Russians shot at, they were a bit off with their marksmanship. Do not think of Desaster. Venom? No way! Perhaps the German legends are a bit more accurate comparison, but still. This would be a lousy attempt to mimic their style.

Hey, I just found a road to point you to. Listen to “Shine of Abyss”. Blackened Avenged Sevenfold. Eureka! So, think about what it would sound if the Americans tried to cover a Desaster song. Or vice versa.

Either way, the album is far from an easy listen. Or understanding, for that matter. Whatever the Russians actually intended brought us an album with unusual music. Whether it is unusually good or bad is basically up to each individual listener. Me, I’m not a fan.

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