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Date: December 22nd, 2023

In the dawn of 2023, Solitary Sabred delivered another album highly recommended for all old school metal fans. In their music it is obvious that they lean onto Sanctuary legacy, specifically Petros “Asgardlord” Leptos, will remind you on late Warrel Dane. Besides Dane, Asgardlord delivers vocals close to Jon Oliva (narrative parts) and a bit of Eric Adams touch. On this album you might recognize Mercyful Fate, Jag Panzer or Manila Road influences, but with no intention to imitate or to plagiarize. After the first listening, it is easy to say that I am simply amazed. Of course, the album is conceptual. And tales of swords and sorcery, fallen realms and cursed kings, demons and monsters is a winning combination for each power metal fan.

The sound is clear, and the energy is on the highest level. The variety of astonishing guitar duels combined with epic vocal lines and epic multi layered approach of lyrics writing are simply amazing.

The album can be compared with the time machine. Its sound brings the listener back to the gold age of heavy/power metal. The atmosphere they deliver is mythical, mystical, and at some moments a bit horror-ish.

After almost 30 years of internship as a metal fan, there are periods when I am extremely concerned about the future of heavy metal. After almost over 20 years in music journalism, thousands of crap albums that slip through my hands (ears) every day, that give me inspiration to write epic reviews to explain why something is bad, I get one pearl that is so perfect that makes me speechless. And maybe it is better, when that pearl comes, simply leave it without any words. Temple of the Serpent is one of those pearls and their album “Temple of the Serpent” simply must be heard. Let the music speak!

Although the band mixes several influences, primarily Sanctuary and Merciful Fate, Solitary Sabred created their own identity. In a few words, “Temple of the Serpent” is a breathtaking masterpiece. Period!

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